I’m the ultimate lazy mum and HATE matching up socks – my solution which means I NEVER have to do it again for my 3 kids | The Sun

I’m the ultimate lazy mum and HATE matching up socks – my solution which means I NEVER have to do it again for my 3 kids | The Sun

June 28, 2023

ANYONE who does even a little bit of laundry knows that socks seem to go walkabout after a load. 

Somehow washing machines and dryers eat up individual socks and they can never been found again. 

If you’re a parent or live in a big household the number of missing socks only gets bigger. 

One mum has shared the way she gets around the problem of matching up socks. 

The self confessed ‘lazy’ mum of three shared her hack in a TikTok video online.

Mia said: “I got another and this one might seem obvious to some of you but it wasn't immediately obvious to me

She confessed: “Matching kids' socks is the worst.”

Mai asked: “How convenient is it that whenever you go to the store to buy your kids new socks they come and packs like this & have tons of unique pairs that you ultimately eventually need to match?”

“If you don't like mismatched socks, surprisingly I don't like mismatched socks but it takes forever to match all these socks for three boys when they're constantly going through socks.”

Mai said she has decided to buy all three of her kids the same socks, so she doesn't need to bother matching them up. 

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The mum of three says luckily all her kids have the same foot size. 

Mai said: “So now I am buying all the same sock for them to share and wear cause fortunately for me my kids all wear the same size sock.”


She admitted: “Actually I've been doing this for years my husband bought random socks a few months ago and it reminded me how much of a time waster matching socks is.”

Mia's video gained over 600,000 views.

It seems many parents have been mismatching their kids' socks for years. 

One user said: “I do this for myself…”

Another said: “That’s smart! Or if each kid is a different size assign them on color.”

One user shared the unique way of working around the issue. 

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They said: “I have one type of sock. My husband has one type. My son has one type. No other socks allowed in the house.”

Another said: “I buy the same all black

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