I’m spending my student loan on monthly lip fillers – pals joke it’s the ‘taxpayers’ money’ but I’m unbothered

I’m spending my student loan on monthly lip fillers – pals joke it’s the ‘taxpayers’ money’ but I’m unbothered

March 22, 2022

A DRAMA student uses her loan to fund her lip filler addiction.

Since the age of 20, Ami Maya, now 24, spends anywhere between £170 to £200 every few months on lip filler.

She has also had a full-face transformation, having filler put into her lips, cheek, jaw and chin and since then, having regular top ups of filler in her lips and once again in her jaw.

Being in London, Ami receives the full student loan amount of just under £12,000, being split into four terms giving Ami around £3000 a term.

Ami from Crediton, Devon, has sacrificed nights out with friends to fund her pricey addiction.

Ami explains: ''I use my student loan to pay for my filler each time I get it, and it is usually in London.

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"My friends would use their loan for shopping and going out, but I use mine for filler instead.

"My friends would always joke that I was spending tax payers cash on lip filler.

"I have always been into changing my appearance. I think big lips are such a trend at the moment.

“I started getting Russian filler eight months after my first procedure, to make my lips bigger again and I got another 1ml.

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“The fifth and last time I got filler in my lips was in January this year.

''I was meant to get 0.5ml but the nurse couldn’t fit anymore in my lips so I only paid £170 for what I could fit in my lips."


In total, Ami has had 4.5 ml of filler injected into her lips.

Although she is proud of her appearance, she faces a lot of backlashes on her social media profiles.

She adds: ''People would always make jokes and compare me to Katie Price, and calling me a fish face, they would tell me to stop getting filler and tell me I am ruining my face.

If anyone judges me for it, they’re not someone I need in my life.''

''It used to bother me, and I used to retaliate but then I became unbothered and would let it just go over my head.

''I started posting their comments and made response videos to people’s comments.

''I would make a joke out of their comments.

''I just think they’re sad people with too much time on their hands.

''I do struggle occasionally with trolls; I do struggle with my mental health and I had an eating disorder so I am already critical of myself so when I see people giving me their negative opinions it solidifies what I think of myself.

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''If anyone judges me for it, they’re not someone I need in my life.''

She has spent just over £1,300 in total using the loan which is intended to cover the cost of tuition, books and supplies, and living expenses.

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