I'm so skilled at make up I'm a complete catfish people are always stunned by my different looks | The Sun

I'm so skilled at make up I'm a complete catfish people are always stunned by my different looks | The Sun

February 25, 2023

WHEN it comes to make up there’s very little you cannot achieve. 

Makeup has the power to completely change the way you look if you have the right skill set. 

One beauty fan has been gaining popularity on TikTok after sharing transformative make up looks that are so good, she prides herself on being a catfish

The French creator, known as @bkzbeauty online, has gained 647,000 likes for her make-up tutorial and trips and is a master at a heavy eye.

The self described makeup addict prefers a cat eyeliner shape and likes to match her outfits with her eyeshadow – but when she is finished her face looks a million times different to where she set off.

As well as confidently admitting she is a proud catfish, she has also admitted her unique technique to eye shadow too: “ I like tones on top of tones. I think blue makeup on blue eyes is super beautiful.”

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In one astounding catfish video, the beauty fan can be seen barefaced with her curls tied up in a bun. 

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One user said: “I love this girl. She is so talented. Wow you deserve even more views.”

Another added: “Well done, too beautiful.”

A third commented: “It's art. I like it too much. I would like to have those lipsticks.”

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The beauty fan has also received many tutorial requests from her followers. 

Some of the makeup fans' tutorials have been even more popular than her transformation videos with viewers complimenting her skill. 

One user said: “You have eyes that are perfect too… my eyelids fall a little so I don't even bother.”

Another said: “You still manage to look like yourself because there are so many layers. A porcelain doll.”

A third viewer said: “Watching a woman put on makeup always fascinates me…how inventive you could be with your makeup.”

We're off to practise in the mirror.

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