I'm so obsessed with cleaning, I have 3 vacuum cleaners – now here are my 15 hacks to make sure YOUR house is spotless | The Sun

I'm so obsessed with cleaning, I have 3 vacuum cleaners – now here are my 15 hacks to make sure YOUR house is spotless | The Sun

June 18, 2023

A CLEANING super fan has shared her impressive collection of cleaning products, including THREE different vacuum cleaners in her house.

When it comes to cleaning, most of us keep it to a minimum – but not TikTok user Vanesa Amaro, from Austin, Texas.

The self-confessed 'Queen of Cleaning' recently walked her 5.6million TikTok fans through the sky-high collection of cleaning essentials, which included more than just one vacuum cleaner.

According to the expert, who used to be a professional housekeeper for almost a decade, it's also the reason her home is spotless.

''I'm gonna tell you how to keep your house clean – step one, have cleaning products accessible literally everywhere.''

As well as having a never-ending stock of products hiding in almost every nook and cranny, Vanesa has also invested in several vacuum cleaners.

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In total, she has three – and there's one even inside the pantry next to food.

''Point is making cleaning accessible. If cleaning products are close by, chances are you're going to use them more often.''

She added in her video: ''I promise this works. If you have cleaning at arms reach. It makes the biggest difference.''

But whilst the cleaning whizz may swear by this 'hack', the reaction on social media was divided, as many insisted not everyone will have the financial means for such a lifestyle.

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''The avg person can’t have 3 vacuums all over their house with various double stock of cleaning supplies in each cabinet [sic],'' one reckoned.

Another agreed, writing: ''Multiple vacuums?! I could barely bring myself to buy my one expensive one.''

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''you need to be a millionaire to do this type of cleaning,'' someone else added.

However, there were also quite a few of those who agreed with spending that much on cleaning.

A fellow cleaning enthusiast said: ''I have two floors to my house and a vacuum and clean supplies and every floor thank God or otherwise I have to go up and down.''

''Such great advice!!'' a fanatic joined the debate online.

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