I'm so hot all my pals' boyfriends  blocked me on social media so they can't see my sizzling pictures, it's ridiculous | The Sun

I'm so hot all my pals' boyfriends blocked me on social media so they can't see my sizzling pictures, it's ridiculous | The Sun

November 7, 2022

A GLASGOW stripper and OnlyFans model says her boyfriend is proud of her career – but she's treated very differently by her pals' partners.

Jaelyn Cox, 29, admits that dating can be difficult when someone works in the adult entertainment industry.

In the past, relationships have ended because her other halves couldn’t cope with the jealousy.

But now the mum, who is pregnant with her second child, couldn’t be happier after finding someone who accepts her job.

The only problem is that it means some other folk are less trusting and think she’ll steal their men.

Jaelyn says: “My boyfriend helps me take pictures, he tells me I look good and he helps with my fake tan.


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“Most guys I’ve been with are bothered by it but he said he’s not insecure and that he trusts me.

“I’m so used to guys being jealous and he doesn’t see anything like that.

“If I post picture with my boobs hanging out he just likes it.

“What he said was that other guys are insecure with themselves and that’s why they try to control you.

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“Every other boyfriend wanted my password to go through my phone, they asked where I was and just got really possessive.”

Ironically, Jaelyn has been the one cheated on by partners whilst she remained faithful.

She’s accepted that people in her line of work get a certain reputation.

But that hasn’t stopped her from thinking it’s very odd.

She adds: “Even my pals, sooner or later they get weird with me as if they think I’m trying to steal their boyfriend.

“I noticed all of my friends’ boyfriends have got me blocked on social media.

“If my friend falls out with their boyfriend they’ll say ‘can you search them?’ and I can’t.

“They’re like ‘oh aye it was them that blocked you.’

“I don’t go out my way to speak to them or anything like that.

“I think most guys think ‘she’s a stripper, she can’t be trusted’ and that’s the problem I’ve had through doing this.

“Guys end up cheating on me because they worry I’ll cheat.

“I’ve never cheated on anybody.

“Since I started doing stripping I respect myself a lot more and I’ve noticed a lot with OnlyFans girls’, they don’t sleep about because they’ve got guys flinging them money all the time so they don’t settle for just anyone.

“My partner is with me every day so he knows the way I am and trusts me and that’s how it should be.”

Jaelyn previously revealed her pregnancy has been great for business – as men love her bump.

At first she worried it could impact her £800-a-night income from city centre adult venue Seventh Heaven.

But it couldn't be further from the truth as she's actually made MORE money since telling customers she was having a baby.

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