I’m size 12-14 and went to get some trousers in M&S – it was a disaster, the sizing is ridiculous | The Sun

I’m size 12-14 and went to get some trousers in M&S – it was a disaster, the sizing is ridiculous | The Sun

December 30, 2022

FINDING a good fitting pair of trousers can be incredibly hard.

Whether it’s your thighs or your bottom, there’s probably one area of your body that doesn't sit in your trousers the way you would like it to.

But it looks like we may not be the problem. 

You might want to take a look at shop sizing before deciding you’ve definitely gone up a size.

Rosie is a midsize fashion influencer. 

She shares fashion tips and advice and has over 466,000 followers online.

She shared a video online about the confusing sizing in highstreet stores.

Rosie went to Marks and Spencer's to find a pair of trousers.

In the video Rosie tries on a pair of pink wide leg trousers from M&S.

The trousers are a pair 12 and a little tight round the middle.

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Next Rosie tries on another pair of trousers again wide leg but in brown.

These trousers are a size 14 and when Rosie tries them on there is a huge gap around her waist.

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And this is supposed to be trousers that are just one size apart.

Rosie's video gained over 130,000 views.

Many commenters said they had a similar issue when finding trousers. 

One commenter said: ”I'm glad I'm not the only one. This is why I hate shopping for pants.”

A second commenter said: “This was me yesterday until I went back to the car & cried.”

Another commenter said: “Yep large lower body but flat tummy and I’m tall so clothes shopping can do one.”

Many viewers suggested brands should expand their sizes.

One commeter said: “Omg yes!!! We legit need a size 13.”

Another commenter said: “YES I wish brands could do half sizes like we do with shoes!”

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