I’m single and I have discovered the best time to get matches on dating apps and it’s not when you think | The Sun

I’m single and I have discovered the best time to get matches on dating apps and it’s not when you think | The Sun

October 14, 2022

IF YOU haven't had much luck on dating apps it might just because you're trying to score matches on the wrong days.

A single woman tested the theory that Thursday and Sunday nights are the prime time to match with the most users and her discoveries have shocked viewers.

Georgia Murphy, from New York, explained on her TikTok account @greasycurtainbangs that she reckons Thursday and Sunday are the best time meet people because they're the "horniest days of the week."

According to the singleton, "Thursday is happy horny", since everyone is looking forward to the weekend "trying to find matches to go out."

Sunday is also a good day to swipe on dating apps, but for a totally different reason.

"Everyone's getting introspective, they're considering their death, their mortality, who their going to watch House of the Dragon with. Sunday is sad horny," she joked.

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Georgia decided to put her theory to the test and forked out £20 for for Hinge 'Boost' on both nights to get her profile on as many screens as possible.

On Sunday Georgia received 42 likes, which was a decent start to her dating experiment.

But she only received 35 on Thursday, the dating hopeful said: "In a shocking turn of events it seems sad horny is a bigger motivator."

But neither turned out the be the best day of the week to gain the most matches, with Monday morning coming in at the top with "a new high score of 54 likes."

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Viewers loved Georgia's 'scientific' method for determining the best time to find a match.

One wrote: "Humanity appreciates you and this social experiment."

A second said: "So basically get your likes on Sunday but don't go through them until Thursday when they're happy and will interreact?"

"I was going to say I have good results on Mondays," another commented.

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