I’m pregnant & have 3 must-have products – my favorite only costs $11 | The Sun

I’m pregnant & have 3 must-have products – my favorite only costs $11 | The Sun

July 27, 2022

PREGNANCY involves a lot of surprising changes.

With all the information and new products out there, expecting moms often find themselves overwhelmed and confused about what they will need during their journey.

One woman named Jen de Oliviera, who goes by @jendeolive on TikTok, has gained a following of nearly 300K users on the platform thanks to her lifestyle tips.

She documented her pregnancy and said there were three essential items that she “couldn’t live without.”


As your belly grows each week, it becomes harder and harder to accomplish even the most mundane tasks.

Bending over to grab things is one of those.

Luckily, Jen said she found a product that has saved her the hassle: a claw grabber that costs only $11 on Amazon.

“My belly makes it impossible to reach certain things, and now I can grab anything with this,” she explained, while using the tool to reach clothes in the washing machine.


Besides being in the way, your growing belly may also lead to dreaded stretch marks.

It’s normal and expected that you have some new lines along your skin as it pulls, but Jen said Bio-Oil can help minimize those.

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“Thankfully, not a single stretch mark yet and it blends so smoothly on the skin.”

It costs $16 on Amazon.


Her last piece of advice was to purchase a pregnancy pillow.

Because you’ll have to sleep on your side, it's hard to find a comfortable position.

The wrap around pregnancy pillow ensures you feel cozy and rested all night long.

The large ones cost around $40 on Amazon.

Women praised her for the finds:

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“The claw grabber! Wish I would have thought of that instead of hopping up and down trying to reach into the washer,” one person wrote.

“Bio oil is the one!” added another.

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