I’m plus-sized & bought Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS in XL – it was SO tiny, trying to squeeze in was too much effort | The Sun

I’m plus-sized & bought Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS in XL – it was SO tiny, trying to squeeze in was too much effort | The Sun

July 6, 2022

A FASHION influencer followed the size guide closely when she ordered size XL shapewear from Kim Kardashian's SKIMS.

But the bodysuit that arrived was so small, she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Ashley Lopez calls herself "TikTok’s Plus Size Fashion BFF" in her bio, and that's definitely true, at least to her 650k followers on the platform.

Of course, her fans looked forward to Lopez's SKIMS review, and the clip she posted probably gave plenty of potential buyers pause.

"I finally got my hands on some SKIMS shapewear," Lopez said, dressed in a leopard-print robe and holding the shapewear package up to the camera.

She ordered the Sculpting Bodysuit in the mid-thigh length. When she opened the package, Lopez stared at the garment in disbelief.


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"This is an extra-large," Lopez said, holding up the shapewear with a shocked look before breaking into laughter. "Look at the teeny tiny buttcheeks!"

After mentally bracing herself, Lopez began putting the SKIMS on, providing commentary as she struggled.

"Kimberly!" Lopez shouted. "She's trying to snatch my soul!"

Though Lopez insisted she followed the sizing guide, it took her several minutes to work the tight material over her body.

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At one point, she turned to the camera and showed her thigh, where the super-strong SKIMS were so snug, they bifurcated her leg in two. "What is happening right here?" Lopez said.

By the time she got the SKIMS completely on, the body-hugging garment looked the way advertisements said it would.

"I definitely feel snatched," Lopez said. But even her super-shapely silhouette didn't convince her of the product's usability.

"I never thought I would say this but that was too much work to be worth it," she said, still panting. "I'm not sold, Kim."

In the comments, others said they'd had similar experiences with SKIMS.

"I ordered the size it said to based on my usual sizing and they wouldn’t even go up one leg," one woman wrote.

"Imagine trying to go to the toilet when you're out," said a horrified viewer.

And regardless of brand, some horror stories were universal.

"My friend dislocated her thumb trying to put shapewear on," another person shared.

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Lopez did say that if she were buying SKIMS shapewear again, she'd ignore the sizing guide and buy something a little larger.

"Unless you're meant to go through all that struggle just to get it on," she added.

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