I’m plus-size – people always make the same cruel comments about my body but I don’t care, I know they’re just jealous | The Sun

I’m plus-size – people always make the same cruel comments about my body but I don’t care, I know they’re just jealous | The Sun

December 21, 2022

A WOMAN has shared the inappropriate remarks that people make about her body, but she just shakes them off.

Kayla Zulik is a plus-size model who is unapologetic about her body shape and empowers women to dress how they want and not change themselves to fit other people’s expectations.

In a recent TikTok video, Kayla shared the same cruel comments that people always make to her about her body.

Over a close-up video of Kayla’s face, she listed the comments, reading: “You’re promoting obesity to young girls.”

The next two blunt remarks were “go to the gym” and “stop eating.”

Then another read: “You should NOT wear that,” before the entire screen was covered in the words “fat” and “ugly.”

At the same time, Kayla was lip-syncing a viral music audio of a man saying: “I don’t understand. Why are you being so mean? You’re a mean, mean man.”

Her expression changed from sad and insecure to more confident as the video transitioned.

Kayla proudly showed off her curvy body, wearing a crop top and her jeans unzipped, exposing her stomach.

Proving she doesn’t care what other people think, she continued lip-syncing the song.

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The lyrics were: “You’re just jealous of me 'cause you, you just can’t do what I do.

“So instead of just admitting it, you walk around and say all kinds of really mean things about me because you’re a meanie,” she finished mouthing along.

In the caption, she added: “Like, why is it my problem if you wouldn’t like yourself if you were fat? I'm fine, thanks, leave me be.”

People came to Kayla’s defense and supported her body positivity.

“You are literally like the ideal woman,” someone commented, and another echoed: “You look amazing actually.”

“Don't listen to them. If you love yourself, then there is nothing to change. They are just jealous of your self confidence,” one person wrote.

Another echoed: “They must be projecting their own insecurities … 'cause you’re stunning.”

In another video, Kayla shared that she's also been told: "Put your massive rolls away," regarding her stomach fat.

She hit back with a NSFW message, basically saying that the hater was just projecting their own insecurities.

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And in follow-up video, she hyped up curvy women who opt for baggy jeans and don't feel pressured to only wear certain styles because of their body shape.

"You don't owe anyone a flattering outfit," Kayla wrote in the caption.

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