I'm plus-size and was fat-shamed at the gym – I won't let it stop me, I'll see my haters there tomorrow | The Sun

I'm plus-size and was fat-shamed at the gym – I won't let it stop me, I'll see my haters there tomorrow | The Sun

January 23, 2023

A PLUS-SIZE woman shamed for using the gym is turning the shame around on the body haters.

Santa Baby’s (@aminimalbae) TikTok takedown is a clarion call to all big women out there.

She was incredulous when she was criticized for working out.

“I was fat-shamed at the gym today,” she said, still wearing her gym gear.

“This is why big people don’t go to the gym.”

The irony was lost on the body critics: "I've been told my whole life to lose weight and go to the gym.

“Well, here I am at the gym but I’m still fat-shamed for going.”

But sassy Santa Baby is having none of it. “Fat shaming really? At the gym?”

She is a proud plus-size woman, who describes gym visits as her “therapy”.

Gym babe is hopes slaying her detractors will inspire other big women like her.

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“Hope that 30 seconds made you feel good huns,” she says.

If there was any doubt about her returning to the gym, think again.

“Trust me. I just kept going. I’ll see them tomorrow.”

There was disbelief in the comments to her post.

“How can someone disrespect a big person for going to the gym? That actually baffles me that it happened," was a comment typical of many.

“That should never happen. You beautiful, don’t stress it," said another.

One thought she was gorgeous: “You are literally one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen.”

Incredible said others: “Imagine fat shaming someone for using the gym – how the gym was meant to be used.”

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Keep doing what you do said this comment: “Don’t let it deter you from the gym because you’ll just keep facing it. Better be yourself and soon they’ll be quiet.”

Finally, give body haters no attention: “Ignore them, just jealous ‘cause you're gorgeous. Be proud.”

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