I'm mum-shamed for letting my one-year-old watch TV so I can do jobs and refusing to have babysitters – she's happy

I'm mum-shamed for letting my one-year-old watch TV so I can do jobs and refusing to have babysitters – she's happy

October 15, 2021

A MUM has revealed how she has been mum-shamed by trolls online for her parenting opinions.

The mum-of-one, Katie, posted the video to her TikTok account, katieandbabyluna, where it has been viewed over 100k times.

In the video, Katie shares all of her parenting methods which have caused people online to shame and mock her.

Katie writes: "Telling people not to touch her at all if they have a cold/sickness bug.

"Not letting anyone babysit her until she is older.

"Refusing to let her cry it out.

"Transitioning her to a toddler bed at 11-months-old.

"Not wanting to go anywhere without her.

"Formula feeding.

"Taking her out of someone's arms to comfort her if she starts crying at them.

"Letting her watch TV so I can get things done."

Katie and her partner also faced criticism for saying their one-year-old daughter would stay in the same hotel room as them on their honeymoon.

The comment read: "The wedding night? That poor child, I'd feel so embarrassed to find out my parents had their wedding night with me in the room. SO ODD."

Katie address the comment head-on and said: "What is the difference between her staying in her cot in our bedroom and her having her own bed in our hotel room after the wedding?"

Most users who commented under the video agreed with Katie and said it was a normal thing to do.

People who commented on her video listing the reasons she has been trolled online were extremely supportive of the mum.

One user wrote: "Nah you just sound like a good mumma."

Another user commented: "Yes, I was exactly the same with all of these, and I have the happiest little girl. Good job mama!"

"I'm not a parent but if you did the complete opposite, you'd still be judged. People always find a way." Explained one user.

Katie responded: '1000%you can't do anything right no matter what. The way I see it, as long as your baby is happy, healthy, and fed, then you are doing great!"

Plus, I'm a real mum, I don't put a limit on screentime and swear around them.

And, was it unfair to get a teacher fired after she refused to let my daughter eat a snack in class for her diabetes?

Meanwhile, a nursery worker reveals what you are doing that is messing up your kids, not saying no is one of them.


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