I’m fat and charity shops are the worst – you’ll never see me braless, I dress like a mum or as if it’s 2012 | The Sun

I’m fat and charity shops are the worst – you’ll never see me braless, I dress like a mum or as if it’s 2012 | The Sun

June 1, 2023

WHILE shopping is often seen as a fun activity, it’s not always an easy task to undertake. 

And no one knows this better than Louise May, who has struggled to find charity shop bargains that look cute in her size. 

Now, in a candid video sharing her experience, she’s told viewers what it’s really like for her as a plus size woman to try to find cute clothes. 

“I’m just going to say it and just bear with me,” she started. “I would be more fashionable if I was smaller… If I wasn’t fat. 

“I know you might be thinking, oh my God I’m curvy, I’m mid-sized and whatever you want to call me, whatever you’re comfortable with, okay… 

“But I cannot go into a charity shop and buy these cute, dainty, you know, sheer, mesh, floral halter neck tops where you wear no bra and it’s all very chic and very cool.” 

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Dressed in a white crochet cardigan, she went on: “I go into a charity shop and it’s like your mum’s size 14 Next jumper from 2012.

“I so badly want to be like the red leather ballet shoes kind of girl and I just… The mini skirts, the red leather jacket… I’m not a dainty lady and it ruins my fashion so bad. 

“It’s exhausting trying to lose weight… I’m trying to be body neutral – that’s what my therapist told me. Can’t be bothered.” 

In the caption, TikTok user @loumayyy added: “I know it’s 2023 and nobody cares BUT I CARE. I care.” 

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Explaining that she knows many women with different body shapes and sizes with great fashion sense, she explained that it doesn’t mean she feels as though she can “pull it off”. 

“Hard knock life,” she continued. “(I know i’m full of privelege and by all means I dont want this to take away from people who have it harder than me).”

People resonated with her candid video and flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

“I feel completely the same. Have all these outfits ready in my head but cannot be executed on my body type x,” one person wrote.

Another said: “I feel you girl,” as a third shared: “Never ever thought I would relate to something more paha”. 

A fourth chimed: “THIS !!!!!!! THIS A MILLION TIMES OVER”. 

While a fifth person said: “no fr I want to be a long skirt girlie this summer but none of the cute thrift finds go over my thighs”. 

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