I'm an interior designer and every home should have these 5 things if you want to look posh & they hardly cost a thing

I'm an interior designer and every home should have these 5 things if you want to look posh & they hardly cost a thing

February 28, 2022

IF you're pinching pennies but want your home to look posh, the good news is you can with a few cheap buys.

Kate Conrad, an interior design specialist at Madison & Mayfair, says there are a few interior trends that scream fancy, but there are ways to transform your home into a tasteful palace of posh without breaking the bank.

Here, Kate reveals the five items you need in your abode if you want a touch of luxury.

White Orchid 

What better way to spruce up your home than with one of nature’s prettiest creations – the elegant white orchid.

Orchids can be pretty expensive but the good news is you can pick up faux plants for a fraction of the cost

"Faux plants and flowers have come a long way – and that doesn’t mean to say you’ll need to spend lavish amounts," Kate told Fabulous.

"Inviting the grace of nature into the home is the hallmark of contemporary posh".

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Reed Diffuser

"If you were to close your eyes and imagine an individual dressed luxuriously, a living embodiment of posh ideals and sophistication, the attire would be accompanied by an alluring scent," Kate said.

The same goes for our homes so it's important to bring that luxury in the form of a chic reed diffuser, but tread carefully when it comes to candles, Kate warned.

"Candles have become the ultimate cliché. What we desire is a balance between tradition and contemporary elegance. This is where posh resides," she said.

"With that said, only the reed diffuser contains the equilibrium suitable to deliver an appealingly posh aroma."

This year is all about spice and exotica, she said, so go for fragrances such as cassis and neroli.

Gold Margarita Glasses  

Gold is a big trend for 2022 but it has to be done carefully, Kate warned.

The solution is to display gold sparingly and unexpectedly and a home bar is a great way to do so.

"Excess use means your interior is likely to induce cringe rather than envy. But it remains undeniable – gold equals posh," she said.

"Cocktail glasses in gold are a certain way to elevate an evening into the sphere of the splendid. And, after all, who doesn’t dream of little Great Gatsby indulgence from time to time?"

If a margarita happens to be your tipple of choice, perfect – if not, you can still use them for your drink of choice.

Drinks Trolley 

A fancy drinks trolley screams class and a gold one on display in your living room will have your home looking just like the glossy pages of interior style magazines. 

Gold margarita glasses aside, Kate said a gold drinks cart is a must-have in every home if you want a touch of glam, but it has to be done right.

"Don’t place your drinks trolley in a home bar blitzed with endless gold accessories," she said.

Classic Tea Set 

Nobody does posh quite like the Brits, she said, and there is nothing more British than an elegant set of cups and saucers.

"But cracked saucers and chipped teacups won’t cut it," she told Fabulous.

"Achieving maximum posh requires refined design, regal patterns, and hand-crafted quality."

Kate said to ditch the mismatched mugs at the back of your cupboard and start by lining your shelves with a beautiful set.

Better yet, have them on display for your visitors to see.

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