I’m a waxer and please, NEVER trim your hair down there before an appointment

I’m a waxer and please, NEVER trim your hair down there before an appointment

March 28, 2022

YOU'RE getting ready for your Brazilian, and decide to give your hair down there a little trim to make your waxer's life a little easier.

If that's you, then you might want to rethink things ahead of your next appointment, as a professional waxer has opened up about why trimming is the worst thing you can do before a bikini wax.

Caroline Hegarty took to TikTok to respond to someone who asked: "What would be ideal for a client completely new to a Brazilian to come in with, hair/hygiene-wise?"

Her first rule is not to shave for "at least a month" before your appointment.

"We are trying to grow out all the three stages of hair growth at one time that has been constantly shaved and the only way you can do that is just by leaving it alone," she explained.

Next up, Caroline insists that you should never trim before your wax.

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"Don’t f**king trim," she said.

"Even if you think you’re doing us a favour, please don’t trim.

"If you go in for a wax and your therapist sees your bits, even if you grow a luscious bush, don’t trim it.

"Your therapist will see it, if she needs to trim it she will trim it to an appropriate length which allows us to still grasp all the hair."

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She added that she's had it on several occasions where people have given themselves a trim, and have cut some areas really short, while others are still long.

"So then you have one area that’s not going to get caught with the wax as efficiently as the rest," she explained.

"So just leave the bush – if we need to do it, we’ll do it."

As for the hygiene question, Caroline advised having a shower the night before the wax, and then using one of the towelettes that most salons will give you to freshen up right before the appointment.

She also tackled the often asked question of what underwear to wear for the appointment.

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