I’m a waitress – I tested seven different hairstyles and made over $100 in tips just by doing a combination of two | The Sun

I’m a waitress – I tested seven different hairstyles and made over $100 in tips just by doing a combination of two | The Sun

July 10, 2022

A WAITRESS tested hairstyles on TikTok to see which one would make her the most money in tips.

The 18-year-old waitress and TikToker, who goes by the name @sushiiluver on the platform, started the series at the end of May.

Since then, she’s been sharing with her over 51,000 TikTok followers seven different looks and how much money she took home.

1. High ponytail

The first TikTok of the series featured her with a high ponytail.

This look made her $77 after a six-hour shift.

But that was before she tipped out her coworkers.

She ended up taking home $66.

2. Pigtails

In part two, she tested out pigtails.

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She ended up having better luck with this one.

After a five-and-a-half-hour shift, she collected $90 in tips.

That was $75 after tip out.

She did mention that for the first hour or so of her shift, she had no tables.

3. Braided pigtails

Since she made more money with pigtails, she decided to do another variation of the style.

She added braids to them but ended up making only $64 after five hours of work, taking home just $54 after tip out.

4. Pigtails – part two

The TikToker decided to give pigtails another try on a different day of the week.

This time she scored.

She was able to make $131 after a seven-hour shift, which was $108 after tip out.

5. Low buns

In the next installment of this series, she decided to try low buns.

This one wasn’t a huge hit, though.

She was a little disappointed with this one, saying in her post that her hair is so long that the hairstyle was difficult to pull off.

After working over four hours, she made $78.

After tip out, she took home $65. 

6. Half up half down

This hairstyle put her back in the hundreds.

In five hours, she was able to make $106.

After she tipped out her coworkers, she ended up taking home $85.

7. Low messy bun

In part seven of this hairstyle theory she’s tested, the low bun didn’t do her any favors.

After working for five hours, she only made $74.

Taking home just $62 after tipping out.

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