I'm a traveller and can instantly tell if you’re a real gypsy or not – all I do is look in your kitchen cupboards | The Sun

I'm a traveller and can instantly tell if you’re a real gypsy or not – all I do is look in your kitchen cupboards | The Sun

March 2, 2023

A TRAVELLER woman has claimed she can instantly tell if someone is a real gypsy or not, based on what they have in their kitchen cupboards.

Leah Jane Fletcher took to TikTok to reveal the kitchen item that is an instant giveaway as to whether someone is a traveller or not.  

The young woman took to the video sharing platform and posted her video with the caption ‘I think every traveller has these cups in their home.’

She said: “Tell me you come from a travelling background without telling me you come from a travelling background. I’ll go first.”

She then held up a china mug and laughed as she said: “Cheers.” 

Leah added: "If you don't have these cups in your home, you're not a real traveller."

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The mugs that Leah is referring to are Minton china mugs.

The beautiful mugs are covered with a stunning floral pattern and some even come with matching saucers.

According to Leah, these mugs are very popular in the travelling community.

Leah shared her video just 14 hours ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 143.8k views.

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It has 6,837 likes, 72 comments and 47 shares.

Many social media users agreed with Leah and were quick to express this in the comments.

Lots of people found her video hilarious and many commented the laughing face emoji and tagged their friends. 

One person said: “Nice bit Minton.” 

Another added: “Get the good bit of Minton in there.”

A third commented: “Always the Minton cups in every home you go to for a cup of tea.”

Someone else noted: “Gotta have a bit of Minton.”

Whilst another traveller revealed: “Omg I’ve got them.” 

Meanwhile, many other travellers said Royal Crown Derby mugs are also an instant giveaway of someone in the travelling community.

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One user posted: “Crown derby sets in every room going.”

Whilst a second chimed in: “There’s me thinking you're going to pick up the Crown Derby.”

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