I’m a traveller and bleach is my secret weapon, I even wash my dishes in it – I like my home clinically clean | The Sun

I’m a traveller and bleach is my secret weapon, I even wash my dishes in it – I like my home clinically clean | The Sun

January 16, 2023

A TRAVELLER has revealed she's so obsessed with keeping her home "clinically clean" that she uses bleach for absolutely everything – even washing her dishes.

Bridget took to her TikTok page recently to share a video of herself using bleach to clean up an old oven tray – with the clip sparking a barrage of comments from trolls.

In response to one, which stated that "bleach is for drains and toilets", Bridget explained: "I use bleach on absolutely everything.

"I wash up my cups and plates in bleach, I wash my floor with bleach.

"I’ll even put bleach in with my bedding and towels and stuff in the washing.

"I use it for everything.

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"My home is like clinically clean."

"Traveller cleaning is just a different level of cleaning," she said in another clip.

One person then hit back to insist that bleach is "highly toxic", to which Bridget said she thinks she's become "immune" to the dangerous effects of the substance.

"When I was a child, my mum used to use the cheap bleach from Asda – twenty-something pence it used to be," she said.

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"I don’t know the price of it anymore. But that bleach is so good for washing up.

"There was a cup on the side – everyone knows that the thin bleach is really watery, it looks like water – and I drank it.

"And I never died.

"And I inhale bleach every single day of my life. And I never died.

"Every traveller on this app will same the same what I’m saying. And they all never died.

"So I don’t know to be honest.

"I think maybe we’re used to it now – we’re immune."

People were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in on Bridget's revelation, with one writing: "Girl I’m an American from North Carolina and bleach cleans almost everything in my house, I feel like that’s universal and they’re just silly."

"Me too, doesn’t feel clean to me if not," another added.

"Do you just throw the bleach in the drawer when you're putting it in with your towels?

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"Or do you just use it with whites?" someone else asked.

To which Bridget replied: "I’ll put bleach in a cup mix it with water then put it in the drawer."

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