I'm a teen mum and took my toddler to prom – people said I'd never amount to much but I just aced my GCSEs | The Sun

I'm a teen mum and took my toddler to prom – people said I'd never amount to much but I just aced my GCSEs | The Sun

August 25, 2022

A teen mum who took her son to prom has revealed she’s aced her GCSE’s.

Ashleigh Hazleton, 16, became a mum to son Lorenzo in July 2021, after finding out she was 24 weeks pregnant at just 14-years-old.

Becoming a mum at such a young age, Ashleigh has received lots of criticism and prejudice from older people, as well as online too.

However, the student, from Ipswich, Suffolk has overcome a heap of obstacles, including childcare, the pandemic and full-time study, to come out the other side with a heap of GCSEs.

After receiving a four in maths, four in English Language , a seven in design tech, five in religious studies and another five in design and technology, she’s now getting ready to start college in September where she’ll study public services in hopes of becoming a firefighter.

Ashleigh said: "I always knew I was going to get my education so going back to school really wasn't hard. I had such an amazing support network from friends and teachers alike.


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"My mum looked after the baby while I went back to school full-time and I'm so lucky she supported me in this way so I could carry on focusing on my studies.

"I said to myself 'you're a student at school and a mum at home', that approach helped me get through this period of my life!

"I was in denial for so long about the pregnancy which is why it took so long to tell mum. I kept thinking I was missing my period because I was stressed. Once I found out, I told a family member who encouraged me to tell mum.

"I was hysterically crying when I found out. My emotions were so high. Most of that time feels like an emotional blur because I just had to get myself through it for Lorenzo."

Ashleigh is determined to shake the stigma young and single parents like her face every day.

She adds: “As a teen mum, there’s a lot of negative stereotypes which come along with the title.

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"However, I was lucky my school were absolutely amazing and so supportive throughout.

"When I returned to school after giving birth, they made sure I had a support system in place.

"Likewise, everyone in my year had my back and it was clear when I pulled up to prom with Lorenzo and they all started chanting my name!”

Ashleigh's mum, Haley, 38, is proud as punch of her daughter's results, but even prouder for how she's handled herself throughout this monumental time in her life

"It was really unexpected and it was a big shock. The fact is, she's not the first to get pregnant at 14, and definitely won't be the last so we just got on with it and dealt with it as best we could.

"I was just here to support her not scream and shout. We had a meeting at school straight away and Ashleigh had her heart set on going back to finish off her education so that put my mind at ease.

"We're a big family already but when we told the other children they were all so excited. My mum once told me having a grandchild is a different kind of love and I'm so certain of that now.

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"I genuinely think she's coping better than most grown adults. Yes, she was a mum at 14 but the way she has dealt with things is amazing.

"I don't care what anyone says, I'm so proud of Ashleigh! When I think about it all and how she’s handled herself, I most definitely tear up."

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