I'm a teacher have instant red flag names, your child is definitely naughty if they’re on the list… even mine is | The Sun

I'm a teacher have instant red flag names, your child is definitely naughty if they’re on the list… even mine is | The Sun

January 26, 2023

A TEACHER has revealed some of the names that are instant red flags in her classroom.

It's bad news if your child is on the list since they're probably more than a handful.

The teacher took to Reddit to share some of the names that go hand-in-hand with a naughty student – and even her own kids are on the list.

"I have been teaching for a long time, apologies in advance if I listed the names of anyone's own personal children.

"My children's names are listed in there as well," she wrote.

According to the mum and teacher the names have "horrible associations" but are more common than you might think.


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Her list of girls names includes: Kayla, Layla, McKayla, Kenzie, McKensie, Faith, Haven, Heaven, Nevaeh, Hope, Trinity, Tiffany, Brittany, Ashley, Angel, Stephanie, Bethany, Melinda, Miranda, and Keyana.

And it's bad news if your son has any of these names: Travis, Chase, Dash, Jeremiah, Joaquin, Michael, Julian, Carmine, Logan, Legend, Ashton, Alfonzo, Angel, Brandon, Bradley, Dakota, Cayden, Cody, Israel, Christian, and Landon."

So is your child's name on the list?

It turns out other teachers agreed with her picks and added some of the worst ones they've seen from their own class register.

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One said: "The name that has repeatedly been the name of my most difficult student during many school years, drumroll please, is Eli, Elijah, Ellijah, any variation of that name."

Meanwhile another teacher joked: "Mark my words Mackenzie (Mykenzie, Mikenzie, Mekenzie, MaKenzie, Makenzie) will be the new Karen in 20 years."

A third commented: "Kyle – he was one of the worst students I ever had in terms of a very bad attitude and he was a bully towards other students."

And one teacher mused: "I miss names like Barbara, Rose, Mary, Jennifer, George, Edward, James, Michael and Brian.

"All my students have hipster names with random spellings or names that are phonics lessons."

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