I’m a style whizz & there are three ways women can look tacky… you need to bin those ripped jeans for starters | The Sun

I’m a style whizz & there are three ways women can look tacky… you need to bin those ripped jeans for starters | The Sun

June 22, 2023

A FASHION expert has listed three style mistakes that cheapen your appearance in seconds – and it's bad news if you like ripped jeans.

TikTok user HerStyle offered a helping hand to fellow fashionistas, where she revealed popular fads that make your outfit cheap and tacky.

Although make-up does play a huge part in how others will perceive us, the guru also advised to not forget about your nails – and here, a chipped nail varnish is a no-no.

Before leaving home for the day, ensure your manicure is neat, the style pro insisted in her video.

Looking for some inspiration? Recently, one style pro, Barbara Coral (@barbaracoral), revealed the manicure trends to go for – and the ones that are anything but elegant.

According to her, sticking to solid colours, such as a muted pink or a classic red, is a safe choice and it will elevate your appearance almost instantly.

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Another mistake to steer clear of at all times is chucking on a hairband on your wrist – sure, it may come in handy later on, but the elegance expert strongly advised against this.

Instead, try accessorising with dainty jewellery, such as a fine bracelet.

Last but certainly not least in the list of no-nos were ripped jeans, especially a pair with cuts and denim threads all over it.

Uploaded on TikTok less than a week ago, the clip has already gone viral, winning close to 600k views.

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But whilst the pro may swear by these 'rules', it seems that not everyone will be taking the tips on board.

One chuckled: ''I'm cheap rn [right now], I have a band on.''


Another wrote: ''Sometimes… i have all 3.''

''I’m a victim of all,'' a third penned.

''I like cheap,'' someone else confessed.

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