I'm a shopping whizz… there's a way you can make £1.5k by selling Poundland items – it's so easy, anyone can do it | The Sun

I'm a shopping whizz… there's a way you can make £1.5k by selling Poundland items – it's so easy, anyone can do it | The Sun

June 30, 2022

A SHOPPING guru has revealed how you can sell cheap Poundland items and make a profit of £1.5k.

As Brits are suffering through a cost-of-living crisis, with families set to be thousands of pounds worse off,for most spending less has become more important than ever.

Although there are plenty of ways households can save money, savvy shoppers can also make a pound or two – or a whopping £1.5k, according to one whizz.

Zain Shah, who regularly shares tips and tricks on everything finance-related, took it to YouTube to reveal how Poundland fans can turn the cheap products into some extra cash.

In the video, he explained that the secret lies in reselling your goods on eBay ''for crazy amount of profit''.

There are plenty of opportunities to rake in money, especially with products that are high in demand.

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One of these, he went on to reveal, is a clock that retailed for £8.00 on Poundland's website.

However, after some scrolling on eBay, Zain stumbled upon the same black clock but with a higher price tag – here, the seller wanted £19.99.

However, it is also important to remember that once you sell something on the site, there is a fee to pay, such as posting and packaging.

To make sure how much money you could be making, the whizz recommended using a calculator, which he had also shared.

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With all the costs taken into account, the profit Zain would be making from reselling the Poundland clock would come to just over £6.

Multiplying the sum with the amount the seller had sold – a total of 33 units – the overall came to £202.29.

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The shopping expert then shared a list of other items to keep an eye on if you fancy advertising them on eBay.

These included a bluetooth selfie stick (£4 at Poundland versus £12.49 on eBay) and a mobile selfie light.

A must-have for all Instagram lovers, the selfie light retailed for just £2 – but the seller had then listed the gadget more than four times the price, at £8.65.

Other items Zain had found were a pair of colourful kids headphones – whereas on Poundland's website these were a fiver, on eBay the very same product was sold at £18.05.

With all the costs and units in mind, the person had made a profit of a whopping £714.24, bringing the total to £1515.52.

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Sharing his tips, Zain said: ''Once you've found a product from Poundland, you know that this product is selling, then you want to actually find a wholesaler for that particular product.''

He explained that buying from Poundland all the time might not be sustainable in the long run, as there are wholesalers that sell the same product for less – meaning you will be left with a bigger profit.

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