I’m a secret slob but my house is always clean – I use the Fly Lady method to keep everything spotless, it’s so simple | The Sun

I’m a secret slob but my house is always clean – I use the Fly Lady method to keep everything spotless, it’s so simple | The Sun

August 5, 2023

A SELF-confessed slob has revealed how her ‘Fly Lady’ method of cleaning means that her home is spick-and-span at all times.

Taking to Reddit, the clean-phobic user confessed that she had grown up in a messy house and found keeping things neat and tidy tricky.

She wrote, “I grew up in a dirty house. 

“Clothes got washed and dried and went to the laundry basket. They never got folded or hung up. Everything in our home was disorganised and cluttered.

“Our home only got cleaned when company came over and we would spend 8-12 hours cleaning before company came over. 

“I have since then learned that this is called a ‘crisis cleaning.’”

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The woman says that she noticed her neighbour’s home was clean no matter when they popped by and so decided to take drastic measures.

She says: “I started the Fly Lady cleaning method and now my house is always clean.”

The Fly Lady cleaning method consists of setting a timer for 15 minutes a day and doing as much decluttering or cleaning in one 'zone' or room as you can.

It also consists of 'home blessing' where you set an hour aside to do bigger cleaning jobs such as changing the bedding, dusting, hoovering and washing the floors and taking the rubbish out.

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The idea is that if you clean and organise little and often you won't be stuck with a huge mess that will take hours to clean.

Explaining how the method worked, she wrote, “It’s basically breaking cleaning up into a schedule. 

“I live my whole life by a schedule and I am always on time for everything now. And I used to be late for everything, and very disorganised. 

“The Fly Lady has not only changed my life, but my family’s life.

“You would never know that deep down inside I am a slob. Even the areas of my house that you can’t see are clean such as closets, pantries, and under the bed.”

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