I’m a savvy saver and have a clever money-saving tip to keep your home warm without using the heating this winter | The Sun

I’m a savvy saver and have a clever money-saving tip to keep your home warm without using the heating this winter | The Sun

September 29, 2022

WITH energy bills spiralling and the cost of living crisis putting a strain on many people’s purses, one concern that many of us have at the moment is how we will be able to afford to heat our homes this winter.

The temperature has already dropped, but many are turning to heated blankets and fluffy socks to keep the cold at bay.

It's a depressing state of affairs, and something many families may be particularly concerned about.

If you are avoiding turning on your heating at all costs, you’ve come to the right place. 

One savvy saver, known on TikTok as Cost Of Living Crisis Tips, has shared a simple trick that will keep your home warm this winter, without needing to turn your heating on. 

The social media user has 51.5k followers and 818.3k likes on the video sharing platform and regularly shares tips and tricks for dealing with the cost of living crisis. 

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One of the recent tips involves using your oven to generate heat for the home. 

But don’t worry, you won’t need to turn it on for the sake of it – with this tip, once you’ve finished using the oven to cook your dinner, turn it off but open the door, so the heat can escape into your home.

The TikTok user advised: “When finished using the oven, turn it off and open the door wide.

“It heats up your kitchen for free, saving you money”. 

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In the video, we see the savvy saver demonstrate how it’s done. 

The video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 2.3million views.

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It has 136.6k likes, 835 comments and 1,763 shares.

The tip garnered hundreds of mixed responses – while some thought it was a great idea, others revealed that they had been doing this for years already, while some weren’t convinced it would make much of a difference.

One person said: “Tbh that is genius”. 

Another added: “This is a good one”. 

A third commented: “Great tip!”

Meanwhile, one TikTok user revealed: “I’ve done this for many years, my grandparents used to do it and I just learned it from them”. 

Another agreed: “We did this last night and it genuinely works”. 

Someone else added: “I do this, I’ve already paid to heat the oven, might as well spread the heat around the room haha”.

However, others weren’t as convinced. 

One person stated: “Great yeah can’t wait for my house to stink of my dinner, lovely idea”. 

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Another chimed in: “But we’ve all stopped using our ovens and started using air fryers because they’re cheaper to run”.

A third noted: “Lol the heat dissipates in seconds”. 

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