I'm a savvy mum – I’ve filled my toddler’s Christmas stocking with £1 toys, they’re cheaper than Home Bargains and B&M | The Sun

I'm a savvy mum – I’ve filled my toddler’s Christmas stocking with £1 toys, they’re cheaper than Home Bargains and B&M | The Sun

December 3, 2022

A SAVVY mum managed to fill her daughter's Christmas stocking with £1 bargains – after revealing her little girl loves "wee cheap stuff".

Chloe Allan, from Glasgow, nipped into a pound shop to grab presents for three-year-old Ellie.

The 29-year-old – also mum to Zac, six – starts her Christmas shopping in August and has been sharing her purchases with followers on TikTok (@mamatozacandellie).

She doesn't have a strict budget for Santa gifts but won't waste money for the sake of it.

And she's managed to save on bargain toys that her adorable toddler loves.

Chloe told the Scottish Sun Online: "I was just popping into Poundland for a couple of things and noticed they have a toys section which is cheaper than Home Bargains and B&M.

"I found some Barbie and cute girl accessories so I thought they would be perfect for Ellie’s stocking.

"I think everyone just likes a bargain at the moment, especially with the cost of living rising."

The money-saving mum shared her budget purchases in a short video.

In the clip, she said: "You know how all the wee cheap stuff is there for £1? That is the stuff that she picks up.

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"She would literally want a pound toy rather than something that costs £30.

"So for her stocking I picked up these pom poms, they were £1. I got her this little play dough thing, five-in-one dough. Princess, £1.

"I got her a Barbie key chain with a little dog on it and a wee Barbie logo so she can put that on one of her bags.

"I got her, I actually had one of these when I was a kid, a doodle bear. So I thought that would be quite cute. It can keep her entertained in the car if we're going somewhere. That was £2.

"And I got her this Barbie reveal thing which was £1. You get a hair clip or scrunchie in it. I thought that was quite cool."

She added: "This is the actual stuff that she likes to play with. This is the stuff that when you're in a shop she goes 'I want that, I want that'.

"I'm like, that's actually cheap crap but is what it is, and that's what she's getting."

But there's no £1 toys for son Zac's stocking.

Chloe revealed: "He's asked for no toys this year. He's six. I honestly don't know why he's growing up so fast.

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"I've got him the Xbox, it's not a new one. It's an old one – the Xbox 1S. I basically got that from someone for under £100. So that's his main present. He's only six so I wasn't paying full price for a brand new one.

"His stuff isn't going to look a lot, but it costs a lot. That's the way it is this year."

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