I’m a relationship expert – why Kanye West always dates Kim Kardashian lookalikes & it’s NOT good news for Chaney Jones

I’m a relationship expert – why Kanye West always dates Kim Kardashian lookalikes & it’s NOT good news for Chaney Jones

May 18, 2022

IF ONE thing's for sure, it's that the Kardashian women know how to leave an impact.

None more so than Kim, 41, who's happily loved up with Pete Davidson, 28, while ex-husband Kanye, 44, has been dating a series of lookalikes to fill the gap in his life.

Just three months after their divorce, the rapper had his first rumored romance with supermodel Irina Shayk, who'd recently split from actor Bradley Cooper.

Next up was Instagrammer Venetria at the end of 2021, whose long black hair will look familiar to Kardashian fans, followed by model Yasmine Lopez, 22, another striking brunette with an hourglass figure.

In January, Kanye was announced to be dating actress Julia Fox, 31, before moving onto the biggest Kardashian clone of the lot – current squeeze Chaney Jones, 24, yet another social media model.

So why DOES the dad-of-four keep going for women who look exactly like his ex Kim?

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Stina Sanders, 31, a relationship expert from London, reveals the psychology behind it, exclusively to The Sun US. And it's bad news for Chaney…

When Adele sang she wanted to find someone just like her ex, it may have raised a lot of eyebrows at the time, but it turns out that people really do have “types” when it comes to dating.

Studies have found you’re likely to keep dating people who are similar to your ex, no matter how badly the relationship ended.

Psychologists have found people tend to go for partners with personalities similar to their own.

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Which means their former and new partners tend to be similar in character.

Even after a series of bad relationships, you may want to stay away from your “type”, but researchers have found it’s not that easy.

Humans love patterns and without realizing you may continue dating people who are similar.

Take Kanye West’s new girlfriend, Chaney Jones.

A quick Google search and stalk on Instagram, you may experience a strange case of deja vu.

She looks exactly like Kim Kardashian. From her long sleek hair, dark features, dress sense and a certain shaped derriere – Chaney is a carbon copy of Kim K.

And Kanye isn’t the only one with a type. There are plenty of celebrities who are guilty of dating twins of their ex.

When Rapper Tyga called it quits with Kylie Jenner he was spotted getting close with model Demi Rose.

Social media quickly exploded with comparisons, some even calling Demi Kylie’s doppelganger.

Reggie Bush, another lucky celeb to have dated a Kardashian, also followed his split with Kim K with a lookalike girlfriend.

With the same pouty lips and luscious curves, people were quick to point out the similarities between Kim and his girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan.

Channing Tatum, another celebrity who is also guilty of dating someone similar, at least physically.

Despite coming from different sides of the pond, Tatum’s ex Jenna Dewan shares some similar features to Jessie J, who he started dating soon after his separation from Dewan.

With similar eyes, cheekbones and haircut, it’s hard not to see the connection.

So just like Kanye West and everyone else, if you were wondering why you too are attracted to people who are similar to your ex, here’s the psychology as to why: 

1. You choose relationships that feel familiar and comfortable

Humans tend to choose relationships that feel familiar and comfortable to them, even if it's unfulfilling or unhealthy.

When toxic relationships are all you know, meeting a healthy individual can feel boring or somewhat scary.

When things don’t feel normal or comfortable, this is when we are likely to self-sabotage and seek situations and relationships that feel more familiar, which is why we often date people or are attracted to people who are similar to our previous partners.

To avoid getting into another toxic or unhealthy relationship, it’s best to question if you are dating this person because they are good for you or if they just feel familiar to you.

Explore whether your needs are getting met and if this is a healthy relationship. If not, then it's best to leave that relationship alone.

It may also help to explore what happened in your previous relationship, how it impacted you, and what you want to be different in future relationships.

That way you can heal effectively and find someone who is a better match for you.

2. You try to heal past issues through new relationships

The type of person you are attracted to or date is likely to remind you of someone from your past that you had a difficult relationship with.

This could be an ex-lover, friend or family member.

While this may sound strange, dating someone who is similar to the person you had a difficult relationship with can trigger your subconscious to relive your previous relationship and psychologically heal the wounds of that past relationship.

Since you think you know how things are going to play out with your new relationship due to the familiarities of your past, you can feel like you're in control of the situation.

And when you're in control, you think you can create change and heal past trauma. However, that never really happens.

The only problem with trying to heal wounds and relive your previous relationship(s) with your current partner is that you’re likely to recreate the past once again – ultimately hurting and wounding yourself further.

If you are aware that you do this, remind yourself this relationship is a new start.

You are dealing with a completely different person, situation and relationship, no matter how familiar it may seem.

Re-framing how you approach your relationships can help you develop healthier dating patterns.

3. You’re introverted

A 2019 study found it’s common for people to date others that have similar personalities to their ex, especially if you’re introverted.

People who scored higher for being extroverted were more likely to find love in other types of personalities.

Whereas introverts were more likely to date people with similar personalities.

This is because introverts like to transfer the skills they learned from their previous relationship to their new one, as they have a better understanding and idea of how to handle them.

4. You’re in the same mindset as you were with your ex

If you're in the same state of mind when you were dating an unhealthy partner, you're more than likely to keep repeating and choosing the same type of person, until you work on yourself.

The good news is you can break this cycle. Start by making a list of all the qualities you are looking for in a partner and then start modeling these traits into your own life.

When you change your behavior, thoughts and attitude you are likely to attract similar people.

If you're dealing with childhood issues or a previous toxic relationship, therapy can help you heal and move on.

Practising self-care and reminding yourself of your self-worth each day can also help you to find the right person.

Your experiences can affect your choices in life and love, but you can make changes today that will help you make better choices.

5. Blame your family and friends 

A 2015 study found your social circle can influence the type of faces that you find attractive.

Psychologists found that the more positive experiences and exposure you have to certain faces, the more likely you are to find them attractive.

So the people you're friends with and the people you hang out with most days, play a role in determining your dating "type”.

If your ex was physically your type, you may continue to date people who look similar to them.

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Scent and personality can also play a role in how attractive you find someone too.

So next time you find yourself dating your ex’s doppelganger, just blame your social circle.

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