I'm a redhead thriving my 40s – I thought my date was staring at my big boobs but I turned out to be very wrong | The Sun

I'm a redhead thriving my 40s – I thought my date was staring at my big boobs but I turned out to be very wrong | The Sun

April 7, 2023

A TIKTOKER has shared the embarrassing moment she thought her date was being a creep by staring at her chest.

TikToker "Dating Profile Doctor"(@datingprofiledr) shares clips and insight about dating in her forties, and her latest tale has fans chuckling.

Captioned "date fail because of my big boobs problem", she rehashed the tale to her thousands of followers.

The date began well, according to the redhead, with the pair getting on and chatting about everything.

She recalled: "He's got one of those sultry voices, almost like a radio guy.

"We're having a great time and we're talking and he was nonstop looking at my chest.

"I was like, gosh! I like this guy but he's got a dirty old man syndrome going on."

She tried to ignore it, but ultimately he told her that she had food all over her dress.

She cackled as she retold the tale: "We just had a good laugh about it."

One follower shared: "Oh what a nightmare. That has happened to me before. I feel your pain!"

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"It's my snack shelf. Keeps stray fries warm for later!" another chimed in.

A third added: "So glad he said something! I would have guessed he was perving, too. Hope you get to go out again!"

Another redhead shared her dating woes and the disgusting comments men make to her.

Natural redhead Sydnie Green (@syd.the.ging) isn't ashamed of her hair color — her TikTok handle is even a reference to it.

But in one video, Green was candid about the bizarre fixations many people have with her hair, especially men who think they're being flirty.

Dancing under a rainbow filter, Green performed her best melodramatic moves as a series of invasive questions flashed onscreen.

The first detailed how redheads, blondes, and brunettes are all asked by the most vulgar of strangers.

The question "Does the carpet match the drapes?" is a euphemistic way of asking if all a woman's body hair matches that on her head.

For Green, the fixation on her body didn't end there.

A few people noticed her complexion and asked, "Do you wish your freckles could combine so you were tan all over?"

Teasing trolls tended to say, "Did you know there is a National Kick a Ginger day?"

A few expressed rage and disgust at the way Green had been spoken to, but she just brushed off the trolls.

"I think it's so funny," she wrote back, showing off her good sense of humor.

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