I'm a professional house cleaner – 5 features you should never put in your kitchen, they're so high-maintenance | The Sun

I'm a professional house cleaner – 5 features you should never put in your kitchen, they're so high-maintenance | The Sun

August 26, 2023

FOR the sake of your sanity and hygiene, a professional cleaner has revealed the features that she would avoid installing in your kitchen.

She explained the five things that were simply too high-maintenance that she would personally avoid at all costs.

Alyssa (@alyssascleaningcompany) shared the interior design advice with over 580,000 TikTok followers.

The Michigan-based cleaner explained that some things were impossible to clean, despite how attractive they looked.

"First is copper sinks, now they look beautiful when they're first installed but I'm going to show you guys what it looks like over time," she said.

She revealed a rusted metal sink, decayed with age: "It's so hard to maintain and it's literally just not worth it," she warned.

For cabinets, the pro advised against detailed designs, especially ones with extra nooks and crannies for dirt to hide in.

Instead, she would opt for a simple kitchen with flat cabinets that proves to be a breeze to clean.

Continuing with cabinets, she advised against cabinets that don't go all the way to the ceiling: "These were our cabinets before we got new ones put in," she said.

She cringed at the dirt and grime that collected at the top of her cabinets: "Look at them, just have them go to the top, easy peasy," she said.

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Next up were backsplash tiles that were small in size, allowing for grout to collect.

Instead, she would personally opt for marble slabs that have no corners for grout opportunities.

Last but not least was "complicated" lighting that Alyssa sighed at just thinking about the cleaning process.

"I would get recess lighting, I have it in my house and I love it, I literally never clean the lights," she said.

People thanked her for the advice and the foresight, saying she really put interior design into a new light for them.

"Thanks, I never looked at it from the cleaning perspective," said one commenter.

Other house cleaners couldn't help but agree with her takes: "As a former house cleaner, I agree," said one viewer.

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