I’m a pest expert – there’s a gross reason you shouldn’t have your bed against the wall | The Sun

I’m a pest expert – there’s a gross reason you shouldn’t have your bed against the wall | The Sun

January 5, 2023

NEXT time you get the urge to rearrange your bedroom, take a warning from pest experts.

The pros say that you may be inviting creepy-crawlies into your bed, based on where it's positioned in the room.

Obviously, no one wants insects or pests to make a nocturnal visit, and it's a fear that haunts many.

Maybe you've heard the common legend that human beings swallow eight spiders each year in their sleep.

Though scientists have dismissed the claim, there's a much bigger risk: spiders getting a bite of you.

That's why experts, like the home professionals at Lifehacker, say you might want to move your bedroom furniture around.

Spiders typically aren't dropping down from the ceiling like a haunted house jump-scare.

They're more likely to access your bed by crawling up any surfaces that could act as a bridge, the experts explained.

"If your mattress or frame is pushed directly up against a wall (or two) or a window, spiders can easily crawl onto your bed," Lifehacker's team warned.

That doesn't mean you should keep your bed several feet from any other surfaces, though.

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"You don’t need to position your bed in the center of the room," the experts reassured.

Moving your bed "even a few inches away" from the wall can help keep spiders at bay.

That's doubly true if your window faces a tree, has weatherstripping that needs repair, or doesn't close fully.

You can also make your bed to help keep spiders far away from your skin at night.

"Tuck your bedsheets and any blankets under your mattress," the experts said.

"If they’re touching the floor, spiders can use them to climb up onto your bed," the pros explained.

While you're tucking those sheets in tight, clear your bed of any stray food, crumbs, dead skin, or other debris.

Those tiny bits of detritus could seem like a tasty snack for a wandering arachnid housemate – and lead to an unwelcome wakeup.

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