I’m a pest control expert – get rid of fruit flies for good this summer using 2 first aid kit staples | The Sun

I’m a pest control expert – get rid of fruit flies for good this summer using 2 first aid kit staples | The Sun

June 22, 2022

WHEN fruit flies invade your kitchen this summer, don't turn to traditional bug sprays and pest control tactics to keep them in check.

Instead, grab your first aid kit. As long as you have one of two household staples inside, you can be bug-free all season long.

All you'll need to keep the flies at bay is a spray bottle, and one of your secret ingredients, the experts at House Digest explained.

Choose from either hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, and fill your spray bottle with it.

"The spray kills both the flies and gnats upon contact and is safer than traditional pesticides," the experts wrote.

The two formulas are super cheap, too: if you don't already have hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol in your home, you can grab a bottle at your local dollar store.


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You might even be able to find the ingredients already decanted into spray bottles.

Look in the first aid aisle for "wound spray" that's made from hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Or, look for hydrogen peroxide spray in the cleaning aisle at your local home store.

Keep in mind that this formula is safer than many other pest control tactics, but it should still be used with caution.

"Be mindful of when you use this homemade bug spray, as children and pets should not be present," the pest pros warned.

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Once you've confirmed no pets or children are in your line of fire, take aim at the bugs themselves.

"Zap them with rubbing alcohol by filling a spray bottle and simply spraying the flies hovering around in the kitchen," the experts at Moyer Pest Control wrote.

You should see the insects drop out of flight, or slow to a stop if you catch them crawling across the counter.

In fact, if you can locate the source of your infestation – like a clogged sink or scraps of food – spray the bugs with this treatment to help destroy their breeding grounds.

"Fruit flies thrive in moist environments, including drains, garbage disposals, and trash cans," the House Digest team wrote.

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"Infestations often occur in kitchens and other places where food can be found as these flies are attracted to decaying meat and sugary food waste, along with spilled soda, juice, and alcohol."

Focus on the kitchen. Then, if you have extra bottles on hand, go ahead and prepare duplicates of the super-safe spray to keep in every room, and your pest problem will be eliminated in no time.

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