I’m a parenting expert and here's the best way to apply suncream to your kids – and the one spot you DON’T want to miss

I’m a parenting expert and here's the best way to apply suncream to your kids – and the one spot you DON’T want to miss

April 24, 2022

NOTHING tests our patience as mum quite like trying to put suncream on our kids.

Obviously we have to do it – but their constant wiggling and moaning means an otherwise straight-forward task takes about 10 minutes.

However this parenting expert's top tip might be about to make those beach day tantrums a thing of the past.

Earlier this month, Kirsty Ketley – who has more than 20 years experience working with families – demonstrated how she quickly and effectively applies suncream on her son's face.

Posting on her Instagram account, the mum started by getting her son to stand with his back to her.

She explained: "Stand behind your child or sit them between your legs facing away from you."

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As it's the most prone to burning, Kirsty urged parents to apply SPF to their noses first.

She added: "Then [move onto] the cheeks, spreading the cream up to their ears and forehead.

Not only does this method cover the delicate tips of their ears but it also means you won't get any in their eyes either. Result.

Children, and especially babies, require extra protection compared to grown-ups.

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This is because their skin is more sensitive than adult skin and can become damaged if it is repeatedly exposed to sunlight.

But do we need to buy specific sunscreen targeted at kids? Experts say, no.

Matthew Gass from the British Association of Dermatologists told the Sun Online: “When it comes to sunscreen, more expensive doesn’t mean better, you want a sunscreen which meets our recommendations, but that still leaves you with a wide array of choice.

"The key is to find the sunscreen that your children are happiest with being slathered in.

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"This is tricky, but there can be quite a difference in the ‘feel’ of different products so it is worth seeing if you can find one that your children prefer.”

Earlier this month, Kirsty shared the biggest mistakes she sees parenting making – including not giving them chores.

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