I’m a mum & wanted to save some cash on my food bill – how I spent just £50 and fed my family of four for ELEVEN days | The Sun

I’m a mum & wanted to save some cash on my food bill – how I spent just £50 and fed my family of four for ELEVEN days | The Sun

August 31, 2022

One mum is thrilled with Asda's new "Just Essentials" range, revealing she’s spent just £50 to feed her family-of-four for eleven days.

Kayleigh McKendry, 28, Airdrie, Scotland, recently took to the supermarket chain in order to try the new range with hopes of cutting her weekly shopping bill.

The make-up artist and mum to Amellia, 6, and Aria, 18 months, managed to feed her family for up to 11 days with a range of meals including sausage casserole and creamy chicken and bacon.

In total, the food cost Kayleigh only £51 which has saved her £30 on her weekly shop and says the quality is "exactly the same".

She said: "I bought a big range of food from Asda's 'Just Essentials' range and in total the whole shop cost me £51 including lunches and snacks too.

"The meals I’ve made so far include sausage casserole, honey and mustard glazed-pork, pizza and garlic bread, as well as soups such as lentil soup and potato and broccoli.

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“I’ve worked out all these meals cost under a fiver for a family of four, so using the essentials range, it’s cost me £16.20 and has fed my two kids and my husband and I for under £20 this week, which is amazing!

"The meals are really simple and easy to make. I'm so happy with the quality of the food from the 'Just Essential's' range but on social media I've had some really negative comments about the quality.

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"As someone who's tried it, I can confirm they taste exactly the same. Most people just comment on how happy they are I've shared these meals so they can recreate them."

Kayleigh and husband Mark, 28, are constantly looking for ways to cut their shopping bill, including meal prepping and bulk-buying, as well as ensuring to get the cupboard staples which can be used in a range of different dishes.

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She added: "I try to make sure I get items like pasta and potatoes which can be used in so many meals and are always under a pound to buy.

"Focusing on saving on those items means I can spend more on meat. I also meal prep every week so when I go shopping, I only buy the things I actually need for those meals.

Kayleigh’s top tips for saving money

  • Trying the more basic ranges as the quality is still good
  • Meal prep and only buy what you need for those meals
  • Avoid buying snacks and fruit bags. Buy what you need and create your own
  • Buy ingredients like potatoes and pasta which are cheap and can be used in many meals
  • Bulk buy on meat like mince which can be used in a variety of ways

"For example, I'll buy a 750g pack of mince which can be used for chilli or spag bol but then I always have some left over for mince and potatoes for my kids’ lunches.

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"Also, for snacks, fruit bags in Aldi for kids are 33p and around two for £1 in Asda, so instead of buying either, I get a large watermelon and cut it up, so the kids have fruit snacks for days and for cheap.

"I’d normally do my shop in Aldi but even my food bill has increased in there with inflation, so I decided to try this range to review for a Facebook group I'm a part of.”

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