I'm a mum of 12 & here's what my weekly shop really looks like – I need FOUR shopping carts & NINE loaves of bread | The Sun

I'm a mum of 12 & here's what my weekly shop really looks like – I need FOUR shopping carts & NINE loaves of bread | The Sun

May 25, 2023

A MUM of 12 has revealed what her weekly food shop really looks like – and claims she needs FOUR shopping carts packed with nine loaves of bread and 20 lbs of rice. 

Alicia Doughtery shared a glimpse inside her trolley while browsing the aisles at Walmart. 

But she left people stunned when she revealed just quite how large the family’s supermarket haul can become – and the fact it costs them, on average, more than $800 (£646) a week. 

The New York-based mum said: “Weekly grocery shopping for my family of 14.

“In cart one, I got paper products, cookies, and Cosmic Brownies. 

“PBJ, bread, and danishes for breakfast.”


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During the 47-second reel, Alicia shared a glimpse at the snacks and essentials she regularly stocks up on for her 12  kids. 

This included two huge boxes packed with Oreos and Chips Ahoy! cookies, various types of Nutella-stuffed biscuits, and brownies. 

In her second trolley, Alicia appears to have five packets of wholemeal rolls, two five-packs of bagels, and two loaves of sliced bread. 

She also stocked up on fresh pastries to save her time in the mornings ahead of the school run. 

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She continued: “Then I left that cart up front and grabbed cart two for the box and canned items, ramen cups, apple sauces, 20 lbs of rice, chips, and gum for an upcoming trip to New York City.

“I left that up front and grabbed cart three for the produce, meats, frozen products, and this week's float challenge combination.

“I left that up front and grabbed cart four for the dairy products, milks, creamer, yogurt, cheese, and some sugar cookies.

“Then I headed to check out.”

Her huge haul attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 12,800 likes and 127,700 views. 

Known online as @doughertydozen, the content creator regularly shares the reality of having 12 children and her top parenting tips with her six million followers. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “So satisfying to watch.”

”You're such a good mother… when I have kids I want to be like you,” commented another. 

A third added: “My fetch rewards would be going crazy.”

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