I'm a mom – my simple Walmart back-to-school hack will make sure you get all the supplies you need in minutes | The Sun

I'm a mom – my simple Walmart back-to-school hack will make sure you get all the supplies you need in minutes | The Sun

August 28, 2022

A MOM has given a simple Walmart back-to-school hack which will make sure you get all the supplies you need in minutes.

A TikToker who goes by the name Lisa has revealed a nifty trick to make sure you don't miss out on vital school supplies for your kids.

In a now-viral clip, Lisa says: "Avoid being like me and getting your kids into the hot car and out into the heat and then into the store so you can take your school supply list and scavenge through a bunch of empty shelves to find the nine million things they need. I have a mom hack for you."

She said it's better off going to the Walmart shopping site and to type "school supplies list" into the search engine.

That will bring up another search bar where you can fill in the town and name of the school your kid attends.

Pick the correct school and grade in the search results to find a list of essentials listed by your kid's teachers.

"Bam, there it is. All of it. All you've got to do is add to cart. You can add to cart individually. You can go to the top and add it all of it to the cart at the exact same time. You can have it shipped to your house or have it delivered to your store," she said as she made a gesture of her mind exploding.

Meanwhile, a mum-of-four has revealed how she only does the laundry one day a week with an impressive "basket hack".

TikToker Shannon Lyon posted a video sharing details of how she gets all the clothes in her home washed.

She says: " Here's how we do all the laundry in one day a week for a family of six."

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Her first step is to make sure everyone in the family how their own designated laundry basket.

"First, you need to sort all the clothes by person – not by color," she explains.

"Put the clothes in each person's basket and switch the loads as soon as [each] timer ends," Shannon says.

In her video, Shannon sorts through piles of clothing to make sure everything is properly separated.

She continues: "Make your kids help for sure!

"Once the clothes come out of the washer, each person just folds their own load and puts it right away."

Shannon reveals that she folds her own clothes, her husband's clothes, and their toddler's clothes.

Shannon's two older kids are capable of folding their own clothing, so she allows them to do that.

She adds: "You can do one extra load for whites and towels if you have that.

"And then you don't have to think about it all week!"

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