I’m a mom – my simple hack will heat your paddling pool up FAST & all you need is a watering can | The Sun

I’m a mom – my simple hack will heat your paddling pool up FAST & all you need is a watering can | The Sun

June 15, 2022

THIS summer, your kids can spend all day, every day in the paddling pool, thanks to one mom's genius hack.

Even if the sun hides behind a cloud, you'll be able to keep your family warm with the easy idea – all you need is a watering can.

The unnamed mom, who uses the TikTok handle HealthAndLovingMyself, probably didn't expect her simple trick to go viral with over 237k views.

But the super-easy hack is so smart that it deserves accolades.

The mom demonstrated how she uses the hack in her own plastic kiddie pool.

First, she grabbed her garden hose, but instead of hooking it up to the outdoor spout, she ran it into the kitchen.

There, the mom placed a plastic watering can from the garden in her sink.

The hose fit perfectly right into the spout. She turned on the warm water, and once it was the perfect temperature, she began filling the watering can.

Water filled the can and then ran down the house, which stretched outside, into the paddling pool.

"Warm water straight from the tap!" the woman wrote in a caption.

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Other parents filled the comments section with gratitude and said they'll be using the hack all summer.

"Nothing worse than getting into a pool that is cold," one viewer wrote.

"I might try this as I have to use my sink which is on the front of the house to fill out the pool up," another mom said.

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Some admitted to trying less-effective hacks in the past, like adding hot water from the kettle to a cold pool or getting hot water in buckets from the bathtub.

"There I was filling and emptying buckets," said one viewer, laughing at herself.

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