I'm a mom in my 60s – people expect me to cover up with my clothes but I'm happy to disappoint | The Sun

I'm a mom in my 60s – people expect me to cover up with my clothes but I'm happy to disappoint | The Sun

January 3, 2023

A SASSY Californian mom is proving women can still be stylish and sexy in their 60s, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

She reckons the days when a woman hits midlife and suddenly adopts comfortable leggings, baggy fleeces, and sensible haircuts, should be consigned to the garbage bin.

Don’t go there ladies, says sixty-something Gym Tan, who shares inspirational videos on her TikTok channel, @californiaistoocasual.

Her latest is a stark reminder of how she thinks woman in mid-life are expected to look, but she’s having none of it.

Wearing a sensible black polo jersey, glasses, and neat bobbed hair tucked behind an Alice band, this TikToker captions her video with: "What people expect me to look like and wear in my 60s."

She doesn’t look very happy though. With edgy music playing in the background, she approaches the camera and makes her feelings known and wags her finger furiously at the camera. 

"No, no no," she says, before transforming into a minx with scanty, sparkly mini dress, revealing a fantastic pair of legs. 

"Sorry to disappoint!" her video caption exclaims, as she sticks two fingers up to society’s conventions over how older women should look and dress. 

"You can wear and dress however you want at whatever age," says the sexy mom.

In the hashtags, she adds that she is "age positive" and "ageing gracefully".

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Her followers would seem to be in total agreement, with many commenting on her look and attitude.

"Love it," said one, while another said simply, "Stunning".

The compliments continued to flood in: "You look amazing," "Beautiful," and, "Absolutely luminous," were typical of many others.

Maybe it all comes down to attitude, with one final comment chiming in with: "Dazzling in both."

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