I’m a millionaire at 16 with eight supercars & mansions worth £500m – trolls say I’m a spoilt brat, anyone can be rich | The Sun

I’m a millionaire at 16 with eight supercars & mansions worth £500m – trolls say I’m a spoilt brat, anyone can be rich | The Sun

June 28, 2023

IF you’re a YouTube fan you’ve probably heard of DONALD, the teen millionaire who calls himself the Richest Kid in America. 

16-year-old Donald Dougher earns up to $20,000 a month by sharing his filthy rich lifestyle on YouTube. Trolls say he’s a ‘spoilt little rich kid’ with too much cash, but he says anyone can be a millionaire if they try. 

Donald shot to fame in 2019 after launching his own YouTube channel and he’s since earned 600,000 subscribers and over $1,000,000 through his social media empire. 

Loyal fans tune in to see the star enjoy wild adventures like million dollar house shopping, shark wrestling, blimp rides and eating at the priciest restaurant in LA, where food is covered in 24k gold. 

Along with his lavish lifestyle videos and funny pranks, the teen boasts a clothing brand called FAT CAT and hangs out with reality royalty the Kardashians. 

Here, the talented teen – who lives in Los Angeles with his parents and sister – tells Fabulous all about his exciting life, and the worst part of being a millionaire…

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“There’s not a minute in my life when I’m not thinking about work and what cool content I can give my fans next. Thinking up videos, stories and pictures for each day is endless and pretty exhausting, actually. But I love it.

As soon as I’m done with school work I’ll spend hours thinking about new ideas and posting cool videos from pranks to travel and awesome treats for my friends. 

I post content once or twice a week to keep my followers entertained and as soon as one is done, I’m onto the next – I never really take a break. 

I make between $2,000 and $7,000 dollars per post and over $10,000 a month from YouTube depending on how many views I get or which big brands I work with from Amazon to Head and Shoulders shampoo.

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I get to do so many cool things every day. One day the guys from Cinnamon Toast Crunch brought a monster truck to my house and dropped off a tonne of cereal – I’ll literally never run out. 

It’s cool getting free cereal, but I prefer treating other people. I once splashed out on a $20,000 Cartier bracelet for my mum on her birthday, and I gave [fellow YouTuber] FaZe Rug a Rolls Royce – he’s the guy who named me the Richest Kid in America. 

Sushi is my top meal but don’t give me the cheap stuff – I can’t stand it. 

I’m in 11th grade and work super hard, but when I’m not at school I hop on a plane and fly wherever I want to go. My mum and I once booked a 6am flight to the Bahamas, packed up our clothes and drove straight to the airport for a week on the beach. We don’t worry about how much things cost. 

I’ve always enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle thanks to my mum (a business owner) and dad (a real estate developer). They give me an allowance of about $3,000 a month.

My favourite thing to do with my cash is eat. If I’ve had a tough day I’ll treat myself to a Michelin star dinner. Sushi is my top meal but don’t give me the cheap stuff – I can’t stand it. 

People are always surprised by my guilty pleasure: a beefy 5-layer burrito from Taco Bell. I’ll drive my supercar to the nearest takeout and tuck in with my friends.

At my home in LA we have eight supercars including my favourite Nissan GTR. It’s got 1,000 horsepower and cost about $200,000 with the custom wrap and special engine. It’s one of a kind, a bit like me. 

Last month I rented a huge beach house in Mexico with my friends. We drove our golf carts right out of the gate and zoomed around the old town and no one told us off. 

People always ask if my friends are with me for my money, but it’s not true. They’re all influencers too, so why should they care? 

Donald’s $500m Properties

  • Donald has two homes in San Diego, one of which has 14 bedrooms.
  • He has two properties in Los Angeles; a mansion and an apartment.
  • There are two properties in New York.
  • He has one property in the Bahamas.

I’m not dating right now but I’ve had a few girlfriends including actress Indi Star. They love me for who I am, not what I have. 

If you watch my videos, you’ll meet America’s Richest Kid, but in real life I don’t care about money. I made my character to entertain people but I’m really just an average kid you’d walk past on the street. Maybe I’m smarter and more mature, but that’s all. 

I earn so much money for my age, but my parents want me to get the best education.

I’m actually moving to Switzerland soon to go to boarding school and earn my International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Mum and dad encourage me to save my money and I do, but I’ve splashed out on a few properties too. 

My family has two massive homes in San Diego where I film most of my YouTube content – one of them is 14 bedrooms and we have a dedicated cleaner who keeps it tidy. Then there’s two in LA: a big one with a gorgeous view of downtown and a cosy apartment, too.

There’s also two properties in New York and one in the Bahamas. In total, our family portfolio is worth $500million. 

The mansions are cool and over the top, but it’s the Bahamas house that has my heart. The two-bed vacation spot was my home for a while when I was eight. I don’t want to clean the toilet and think about dusting. Staff come and do everything for us.

Loads of people think I’m a spoiled little rich kid and it might look that way from my videos, but I’m really generous. I work with lots of charities like the Tony Robbins 100 Billion Meals Challenge, the African Community & Conservation Foundation and the United Nations World Food Programme. 

I just attended the Forbes 400 philanthropy event in New York with the UN with Bon Jovi, Bill Gates and President Zelensky. It was an exclusive event but the catering wasn’t great – it tasted like baby food. 

People invite me to exclusive events, I get backstage access at top concerts and hang out with famous people like the Kardashians – I felt super lucky to meet them as Kourtney’s son Mason loves my YouTube videos. 

The worst thing about being a millionaire is the trolls. People make assumptions that I live a rich, bratty lifestyle. They’ll claim that I never have to work and everything was handed to me on a plate but they don’t understand. 

I think anyone can get rich and famous if they try

If people think I’m insensitive for flaunting my wealth, they’re wrong. I’m not flaunting, I’m sharing my life for people to enjoy.

Money doesn’t define me and I give so much of my time to charities. I’m not trying to brag, I just make cool content with luxury stuff because I enjoy it. 

I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about money. I’ll always be taken care of which is a big comfort, but I know I have the determination, the knowledge and the mindset I need to be ok.

But if I was suddenly poor, I’d be ok. I’ve stayed at motels before and I’m not picky. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Do I think poor people are lazy? That depends, because most people are lazy aren’t they? 

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I think anyone can get rich and famous if they try. Sometimes our minds don’t allow us to think it’s possible and we hold ourselves back – but you can do it. 

There’s no special secret or easy hack to becoming a millionaire. The more work you put in, the more you’ll get out. Go ahead and see what you can achieve.” 

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