I’m a married 18-year-old traveller girl, we live in a tiny caravan stuffed with clothes – he pays for everything

I’m a married 18-year-old traveller girl, we live in a tiny caravan stuffed with clothes – he pays for everything

August 22, 2021

A TRAVELLER girl, 18, has revealed how she lives in a caravan with her husband who pays for everything. 

Kathleen Johnson, who posts on TikTok as @Kj17, shows followers inside her small but homely dwelling, where she stores her hoards of clothes. 

Kathleen spoke of her husband, who is not a traveller, and said: “I was 17 when we first met. 

“I am now 18 and we are happily married and I’m 19 in April.”

The pair first met in a car park, with her husband asking for Kathleen’s Snapchat where they spoke every day and became "best friends". 

Speaking of their marriage, Kathleen said her husband is in charge of paying for their lives. 

She explained: “In the gypsy and traveller community, the mum and dad pays for everything, like for your wedding.

“And obviously when you are living and married to the boy he pays for everything.”

As part of her Q&A session, Kathleen showed fans around her little caravan revealing all the cupboards and even the space under the bed is stuffed with clothes. 

She said: “Every cupboard is literally all my clothes.”

Pointing out two small lockers by the ceiling, she said: “My husband’s is just them two”.

She opened up about the stigma she experiences being a traveller, and said: “The hardest thing about being a gypsy is no matter what you do, what you wear, literally anything, you will always get judged. 

“You can be the quietest person in the world and not do anything to a person and you’d still get judged. 

“It is hard and when you go into some shops and you’ll see some people who are not gypsies, and they’ll whisper ‘oh there’s gypsies’ or they will pull a face and walk away.

“It is hard, and if you say anything, you are in the wrong.”

As well as receiving hurtful comments, Kathleen said she’s had restaurants cancel bookings on her when she arrives due to being a traveller. 

One feature in Kathleen’s caravan that left fans baffled was her sofa which still has the plastic wrapping around it. 

She spoke about the covering saying: “I’ve seen this question on most of my videos. 

“The reason why we put the plastic on our seats is obviously they are not leather and if anything spilt on them it gets destroyed.”

She added that her seats do have zips so you can take off the fabric to wash, but she still puts the plastic on “in case”.

Her videos have racked up thousands of views, one person writing: “As long as ur happy take no notice of the doubters.”

Another added: “Ignore the fools hun.”

And one raved: “Absolutely love travellers.”

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