I’m a luxury interior designer & here are my tips for styling a small bathroom…plus the monstrosity I can't stand seeing | The Sun

I’m a luxury interior designer & here are my tips for styling a small bathroom…plus the monstrosity I can't stand seeing | The Sun

February 5, 2023

IF you want to instantly elevate your bathroom, we’ve got just what you need, as an interior designer has shared his top tips and tricks to add style to any space. 

Bilal Rehman, a luxury interior designer with an impressive 285.5k followers and 2.3million likes on TikTok, recently took to the video sharing platform to reveal his hacks to make a space look more expensive than it is.

Bilal posted his clip with the caption ‘My personal guide to elevating even your bathroom!’

He said: “Many of you are asking how to style a small bathrooms, so today I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

“Treat your bathroom the same way you would treat any other space in your home – you have to introduce artwork.

“For me, I went as big as possible and did something with a large graphic pattern that caught your attention – that bad b***h is an instant statement when you walk in.

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“But if your wall aren’t as big, try to go for some interesting photography – while your friends are taking a s**t, they need something interesting to look at.

“Let’s talk rugs – when doing a rug in your bathroom, it’s very important that you get the largest rug possible.

“Instead of opting for a whole bunch of little matts everywhere, try a long runner that spans the entire length of your bathroom.

“If your bathroom is a weird shape or an L and you can’t do one long runner, try to do one runner where you can and then the other place, like in front of your shower or in front of your toilet, try to do one small matt that pulls the colour out from the main runner and incorporates it into that small matt.

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“That will give you a seamless, clean, designer look, instead of a whole bunch of matts floating around everywhere.”

Not only this, but Bilal explained the importance of adding accessories to a bathroom.

He continued: “Let’s talk accessories – you have to accessorise your bathroom the same way you would accessorise any other room in your house.

“For me, luxury faux florals are a must, they are in every bathroom in my house.

“They never die, all they require is a little bit of dusting and they look great all the time.

“The next thing is matching soap sets – I am a w***e for Aesop. 

“If Aesop is out of your price range, as long as all your soaps match and you don’t have a monstrosity of every single different brand sitting in your shower or counter top, you’ll be fine.

“There are plenty of cheap alternatives, you don’t have to spend one million dollars to make it look like a designer did it.”

Another thing that Bilal stresses is the importance of putting away items that don’t need to be on show.

He added: “Now let’s talk storage – I promise you, not every guest that comes into your bathroom needs to see your 13-step skincare routine.

“Instead, put it away, conceal it in a drawer and have a clean countertop.

“It’s 2023 and there’s no excuse for lacking on your hygiene – we all need these wipes in our bathroom for after we take a [poo] but the issue is, these are f*****g ugly, so what did I do? I went ahead and got this cute little white box off Amazon, it was inexpensive, really cute and it sits right on top of the toilet to conceal the wipes instead.

“Instantly elevated the space and made it look so much more designer, in comparison to that.

“Layers of lighting even applies in the bathroom. Having a lamp creates an ambiance when you’re trying to relax and unwind at the end of the day, so make it happen.” 

Bilal’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 72.7k views.

It has 10.5k likes, 178 comments and 246 shares.

TikTok users loved Bilal’s tips and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Nothing like a clean countertop. I hate going to someone’s bathroom and it’s cluttered.” 

Another added: “You’re making me renovate my whole apartment, and my wallet is complaining 😂 I love it.” 

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A third commented: “Time to change my rug and artwork!”

Whilst someone else posted: “I’m taking NOTES!!!”

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