I'm a jewelry expert – what your engagement ring says about your personality, including which is the 'life of the party' | The Sun

I'm a jewelry expert – what your engagement ring says about your personality, including which is the 'life of the party' | The Sun

October 3, 2022

A ROCK on your finger says loud and clear: "I'm taken."

But what does the engagement ring you pick say about your personality? A lot, one pro tells The U.S. Sun.


A singular stone set in a gold, silver, or platinum band is a classic engagement ring – and a sign that the person who wears it is a planner.

"A simple solitaire is for a person who likes both modern and minimalist design," says 77 Diamonds jewelry expert Anya Walsh, adding that it's for "a purist who thinks ahead."

"Although a simple solitaire may seem like a classic choice, we notice this design is very popular among our younger demographic.

"This is because solitaires offer more flexibility for pairing and layering jewelry, which is a very modern trend.

"This person is the all-time believer in less is more, and knows how to fashion diamonds to suit their style, whatever the season."

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"Sometimes you need to make the rules to break them," says Walsh.

"Vintage or antique rings are for those outsiders who like to be a little unique. They love to find beauty in intricate details and have a flair for history and fashion.

"They want their jewelry to tell a story, and understand that a bright future cannot be built without the wisdom of the past.

"A person who likes vintage or antique rings is also a true perfectionist: Every detail needs to fit their style to a ‘T’."

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Those who pick a halo ring are 'the life of the party' and love glamour (77 Diamonds Rossetti ring, from $1,800)Credit: 77 Diamonds


"An outgoing personality, halo ring wearers are always the life of the party," Walsh explains.

"They love glamour and sparkle and aren’t afraid to show it.

"Forever stylish and bold, they understand that jewelry is an extension of their personality, and often like a touch of playfulness and creativity when it comes to designing their rings.

"But amidst that bubbling personality, halo ring wearers are also very practical: Halo rings are a secure and protective setting, and offer more sparkle and shine than any other style."


"A romantic type, those who opt for a trilogy ring look to infuse every detail in their design with a deeper meaning," says Walsh.

"Trilogy rings symbolize a shared past, a brilliant present, and an exciting future ahead.

"Trilogy ring wearers are true optimists, but they are also pragmatic: They know how to handle whatever comes their way by reconnecting with their roots."


According to Walsh, colored gemstone wearers have a "bright personality" and "like to add something a little different to their jewelry."

"They are by far the most adventurous type and are not afraid to experiment with their style," she went on.

"Depending on the gemstone they choose, these jewelry aficionados also like to have their ring reveal their personality, whether that is fiery and passionate like the ruby, or noble and honest like the sapphire."

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