I’m a hot electrician and I dance while my 'supportive' dad works in the background – everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

I’m a hot electrician and I dance while my 'supportive' dad works in the background – everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

December 30, 2022

EVERYONE is saying the same thing after a hot electrician danced while her dad worked in the background.

Isabell McGuire, a sexy sparky from Manchester, posts TikToks of herself dancing while out on jobs with her dad.

Her funky on-site moves have won her over three million likes on TikTok.

In one nine-second clip, Isabell's "supportive" dad looks on while she shakes her hips in tradie trousers and a matching black crop top.

Isabell then wheels around and shows viewers her beige safety boots.

She has performed the same dance to a variety of tunes while working with her sparky dad.

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Isabell's fans were quick to lavish her with compliments.

Cregan said: "I need my house rewiring if that's something you can sort, love."

Matt said: "It's Bricky Minaj."

One man said: "I think I've found my new electrician… the missus won't be happy."

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Another said: "Imagine having a girlfriend this pretty.

"Forget about Bob – it's Bell the Builder."

But professional sparkies pointed out a hidden detail in Isabell's videos.

One expert said: "Cleanest boots I've ever seen – do you actually do any graft or do you just make TikToks?"

Another said: "Looking way too clean after a job to be a sparky."

"You've only got one screwdriver in your pouch."

A third said: "Pretty sure we're violating some regulations here.

"No sparky wears gloves or a watch.

"All the gear, no idea."

Len said: "Short sleeves, no hard hat, no hi-vis.

"That's three strikes – I'm sorry, you'll have to leave the site."

Others noticed Isabell's sparky dad in the background.

One said: "The poor guy's just waiting for the apprentice to get him a replacement plug outlet.

"He's not supportive, he's holding live and earth in his hands."

Some users seemed not to realise that the man in the background was part of Isabell's family, even though the caption of her video clarified that he was her father.

Joshua said: "I was going to say no wonder he hired you."

"But that was before I read the caption."

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