I’m a Hooters girl – I suffered a uniform mishap and fans were left outraged when I told them firm’s stupid reaction | The Sun

I’m a Hooters girl – I suffered a uniform mishap and fans were left outraged when I told them firm’s stupid reaction | The Sun

December 15, 2022

RIPPED tights? No problem, it will cost you $5 a pair at Hooters who make them a mandatory part of the dress code.

A Hooters waitress went viral on TikTok after sharing her experience of having to buy over-priced tights from the company's vending machine.

TikToker @samoyamickel said: "these things should be a dollar" as she traded her hard-earned cash for the flimsy undergarments.

Outraged online users then slammed the US restaurant chain for forcing an employee to pay for her own tights – a required part of the uniform.

The video, which has garnered over 1.4 million likes and 11.5 million views, inspired shock and anger amongst the internet community.

Astounded users commented: “you have to PAY!!??” and "those cost 10 cents to make they should be free".

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Other TikTokers encouraged the waitress to go to Walmart and buy in bulk to avoid paying for Hooters' pricey nylons.

A user responded to these comments saying: “Everyone is giving tips but does anyone think she shouldn’t be paying for her uniform in the first place?”

The video also ignited anger from fellow Hooters employees across the country, one remarking: "Bruh I always hated that machine! My shade was never in stock."

As inflation soars this winter, another Hooter's waitress took to TikTokrecently to complain about how hard its hitting hosiery.

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@Kenzjee told her fans that the Hooter's vending-machine tights had increased from $5 to $6 "because of inflation".

"At $2.13 an hour, where's my pay raise because of inflation?"

Stunned, users responded: "girl, America is something else."

Another commented: "It's a company uniform, company should pay for it. Making money from your employees is bad business."

Tights aside, there's still some serious money to be made at the restaurant chain.

TikToker @niyaalane told her fans how she can make nearly $1000 in one weekend during slow season at Hooters.

"Not a bad weekend," she wrote in response to her mammoth tips, in a video that has been viewed over 100,000 times.

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