I’m a home security expert & people always forget my advice – it could cost you your most valuable possession

I’m a home security expert & people always forget my advice – it could cost you your most valuable possession

January 18, 2022

LOCKSMITHS are urging car owners to be more vigilant where they put their valuables, as more people wake up to find their keys missing.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun, Elizabeth Johns, the company director, issued a warning, adding that a lot of the times people find out they've been robbed in the morning.

''Generally, that's what we find – that they're after car keys normally.

''We're all guilty of coming home after a hard day and putting the car keys on the side and thinking no more of it.

''If you have a low security lock or a badly built one,'' she said, ''That's just putting fuel to the fire.''


In order to avoid losing your valuables, Elizabeth recommended keeping them out of sight, as well as securing your property.

''Cars are obviously high value, easy target.

''We've had people come down as their car's driving away.''

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This warning comes after homeowners were urged to take to take extra precautions as burglars are using blowtorches to break into homes.

"The reason intruders use blowtorches is that they are trying to remove the handle from around it, so they can get a good grip on the lock to then snap it.

"On standard locks, once the lock snaps, the door will open.

''So it’s all about gaining access to try and get a good grip on that lock."

The home security expert insisted on investing in snap resistant locks to stop the break ins happening so easily.


  • Have snap-resistant locks fitted on all doors
  • Hire a professional to install locks, rather than installing them yourself
  • Keep your house keys and car keys out of plain sight- never leave keys inside locks
  • Never leave keys hung up near doors, as thieves can use a wire to access keys through the letterbox
  • If you lose your keys, get the locks changed as soon as possible
  • Install visible deterrents such as floodlights and CCTV
  • Make sure Ring Video Doorbells are positioned correctly
  • Make sure security systems are up-to-date
  • Watch out for markers that thieves use to target homes, like paving slabs, triangle or circle symbols or kidney beans on doorsteps

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