I'm a hairstylist and you should NEVER pull out grey hairs – but the reason why might surprise you | The Sun

I'm a hairstylist and you should NEVER pull out grey hairs – but the reason why might surprise you | The Sun

August 2, 2022

GREY hairs are just a part of life for most of us.

And while more and more of us are embracing the natural look as we get older some of us still flinch at the sight of a stray grey hair in our locks.

It can be tempting to pluck any grey hairs out as soon as you spot them, but that's exactly what you shouldn't be doing.

But it's not for the reason you might think, contrary to popular belief, if you pull out one grey hair three more wont sprout on your head.

Mirza Batanovic, style director for professional hair care brand Eufora International told Express.co.co.uk that the common myth isn't true.

“I wish this were true, because then we could help people with hair loss so easily.

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“But plucking one hair doesn’t make more grow, and it’s an idea that has no basis in science.

"It’s normal to lose up to 159 hairs a day, but basically they’re not connected in any way, so pulling one does not push more out of the scalp.”

But that doesn't mean you've got the green light to attack your grey hair with tweezers.

In fact, you could still make things loads worse for yourself if you do according to Stylist Jennifer Korab, she explained: "By plucking the hair, you may traumatise the hair follicle, which can lead to infection or even bald patches.

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"You may be doing more harm than good."

The best thing to do according to the pros is leave the grey hairs where they are, and if you really can't stand them you can always dye them.

But you want to keep as many hairs in your head as possible, whether they're grey or not.

Which means plucking them out isn't going to do you any favours in the long run.

Hairstylist Michael Van Clarke explained that grey hairs are just a part of life, and how many you have is nothing to do with whether you pluck them out or not.

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He said: “I don’t believe revenge is built into nature. But more grey is coming anyway, as this is the trajectory of life.

“If you make plucking a habit when less than 1 percent of the head is grey, you’ll have less hair to work with in a few years’ time, when 10 percent of the hairs are grey.”

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