I’m a hair stylist & have the perfect do for greasy locks – people say it looks like elf hair but it’s super easy to do | The Sun

I’m a hair stylist & have the perfect do for greasy locks – people say it looks like elf hair but it’s super easy to do | The Sun

March 12, 2023

IF you think the only way to tame greasy locks is with dry shampoo, then think again.

A hair stylist has shared her simple hack for a perfect sleek bun that takes less than five minutes – but trolls say it makes her look like an elf.

Audrey Anne has shared hundreds of hair tutorials online from cute up-dos to braids, buns and wavy locks.

The TikTok star has over 500,000 followers and her latest greasy hair hack has raised some eyebrows.

Audrey dives straight into the hack in her recent clip, which sees her face forward with her head facing the camera. 

The blonde beauty uses a large comb to make two sections on each side of her centre parting. 

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She brushes the two sections forward and clips together in front of her face.

Then, using a brush, she sweeps the rest of her hair back into a high ponytail.

She uses a hair wax stick to tame her flyaways and secures her ponytail with a black bobble.

Moving back to the front of her head, Audrey splits her remaining hair into two and creates two pretty braids. 

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She crosses them over and wraps them underneath her ponytail before tucking the ends neatly into her bobble.

Next, Audrey splits her ponytail into two and twists each section. She winds them into a sleek bun, pins in place and uses hairspray to finish the look.

Tonnes of viewers have commented on Audrey’s post, sharing their reaction to her smart style. 

“Elves hairstyle be like this and I’m here for it,” chimed one impressed user. 

“Love all these fancy ponytails but I just can’t get through the day without taking my hair out and re-doing it. Do people really leave their hair all day?” asked a second. 

“That’s going to be so itchy,” replied a third.

While some viewers gushed over the helpful hack, others questioned how real it really was. 

“Greasy hair doesn’t look like that,” claimed one dubious viewer. 

“There’s no way I would ever be bothered enough to do this,” confessed another. 

In another clip, Audrey shares another super fast greasy hair hack. 

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She puts a baseball cap on her head and hooks her hair out – but not through – the hole in the back. 

Then she twists her hair into a neat spiral, lifts it up and secures it with a pretty flower claw.

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