I’m a gypsy wife & spend my days cleaning with so much bleach my nose hurts – people say it's boring & old-fashioned | The Sun

I’m a gypsy wife & spend my days cleaning with so much bleach my nose hurts – people say it's boring & old-fashioned | The Sun

January 24, 2023

A WOMAN has revealed exactly what a typical day looks like as a 'gypsy wife.'

Chantelle Devonshire, 21, from the UK, regularly shares snippets of her life on TikTok.

In one such video, Chantelle showed her followers what a typical morning looks like as a 'gypsy wife.'

She wrote: "My morning routine as a gypsy wife."

The brunette beauty then began her day as she usually would – cleaning.

Chantelle grabbed a bucket and filled it up with bleach, disinfectant and boiling hot water.


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She added: "We love bleach even though it burns our noses.

"We hate dirty mirrors and windows," Chantelle said as she shared a clip of herself wiping and polishing her silverware.

Chantelle revealed: "And we know to cook and clean from early ages, gypsy women are strong."

The young woman admitted that her life might seem boring to some but she loved her routine.

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"This might seem boring to you guys but we love to clean and look after our homes that our husbands work hard for," she explained.

"Gypsy husbands work every day to look after their family.

"And while women take care of the homes and kids it is very fair.

"Gypsy people are very old-fashioned compared to this generation."

Chantelle cleaned her windows and cooker before scrubbing her floor by hand.

The video soon went viral with over 73k views and 3,500 likes.

People quickly took to the comments section of the video praising Chantelle's dedication to keeping the family home in order.

One wrote: "I have a great respect for your ways and traditions."

Another person commented: "Omgg gypsy people are so amazing and have the best lifestyle, your gorgeous keep doing what you doing."

"This is how it should be!! The world's gone horrible!!! Beautiful home and morals," penned a third.

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I am not a traveller but also love clearing…You guys are amazing."

"Love the old-fashioned ways," claimed a fifth.

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