I’m a gardening expert – here’s the RIGHT way you should mow your lawn | The Sun

I’m a gardening expert – here’s the RIGHT way you should mow your lawn | The Sun

June 26, 2023

A GARDENING expert has revealed the right way to mow your lawn this summer.

TV gardener Thea Pitcher said you need the right tools and technique if you want to mow a bumpy lawn in hot weather.

Thea said: "When mowing sloping lawns, it’s best to mow across the slope, from side to side.

"This method makes it easier to maintain consistent balance. For steep lawns, hover-type mowers are often the ideal choice.

"If your lawn has uneven terrain with dips or hollows, it’s advised to fill them in before mowing.

"If filling isn’t feasible, a strimmer would be my preferred tool for the job."

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The gardening pro added that a pristinely manicured lawn needs regular attention.

Thea said: "Depending on how perfect you want your lawn to appear and how fast it’s growing, you should look to cut it once a week or once a fortnight.

"For a healthy-looking lawn, aim to cut it about 4cm high in spring and autumn, and 2-3cm high during the summer."

But if you're going for a meadow-like habitat for animals, a different approach is required.

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Thea said: "If you want to maintain a wildlife-friendly lawn, it’s important to mow less often.

"Instead of mowing your lawn weekly, consider mowing it once a month.

"This allows the grass and other plant species such as clover, buttercups, and daisies to grow.

"These flowering plants provide nectar for pollinators and serve as hiding places for insects.

"Another option is to choose a specific area of your lawn to be left unmown, creating a habitat for wildlife.

"You can mow a path through this area to walk through the long grass and wildflowers without damaging other sections."

Thea shared her expert tips with power tool maker Toolstation.

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