I'm a gardening expert – five ways to keep rats out of your garden for good & one makes your outdoor space prettier too | The Sun

I'm a gardening expert – five ways to keep rats out of your garden for good & one makes your outdoor space prettier too | The Sun

August 27, 2023

RAT season is upon us and thanks to the recent rainy weather, the unwelcome rodents may head inside homes for shelter.

But there are ways you can deter the four-legged creatures from wanting to outstay their welcome in your garden.

There were 3,000 searches for getting rid of rats in the last month, which was an increase of three per cent on the previous year.

Thankfully garden building expert Sam Jenkinson from Tiger Sheds has some tips to help.

Here are his five top tips for keeping your garden rat-free…

Plant peppermint

Rats hate the smell of peppermint, so we’d suggest planting peppermint to deter them from trying to sneak their way in.

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Not only will this deter pests from infiltrating your garden building, but in the summer, it will also flower with delicate purple flowers – brightening up your garden space.  

Remove food sources 

Garden buildings, especially in the summer, are often used as a place for entertaining and hosting guests.

If you don’t remove food sources from your garden building, rats and other pests may be attracted.

Ensure you clean any outdoor buildings out thoroughly after use to remove all traces of food.  

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Seal up any holes  

Rats can squeeze through very small holes, so if your shed or home has holes, they’ll find their way through.

This why tongue and groove boards, like shiplap, are a good investment – sheds with overlap or OSB (like large chipboard) seem to have more gaps with weathering or age, so tongue and groove boards are better at stopping intruders, large or small. 

It’s important to seal up any holes in your garden buildings and other garden items such as fences and foundations. You can use wire mesh caulk to do so. 

Use ultrasonic devices 

If your garden building has a power source, you can plug in an ultrasonic device.

These devices emit high-frequency sound waves that are inaudible to humans but can be irritating to rats and vermin, keeping them away.

However, this system may only be effective as a short-term solution, so consider other additional options to ensure pests stay away for good. 

Keep your garden buildings clean  

Rats are attracted to cluttered and dirty places, so it's advisable to regularly clean and tidy your garden building, removing debris such as leaves and sticks from the outside and any materials which could be used for nesting.   

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