I’m a gardening expert and you’ve been mowing your lawn wrong

I’m a gardening expert and you’ve been mowing your lawn wrong

April 26, 2022

A GARDENING expert has explained how mowing your grass correctly can completely transform your lawn.

One of the pros at The Lawn Pack took to TikTok to share four lawn tips to make your garden look its absolute best by summer time.

First of all, they advise starting mowing correctly.

"Make sure the frosts are finished and the lawn is dry," the expert said.

"Set your mower on the highest setting for the first cut and bring it down gradually."

It's also important to make sure your mower is properly serviced.

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"Make sure you get your mower serviced as we’re not a long way away from spring and time to cut, so you wanna give your lawn the best possible start, which means giving it the best possible cut," he added.

Next, you need to aerate any water-logged soil.

"Consider hollow tiling if you’ve got poor drainage," he said.

Once you've killed off any moss, you can apply some iron sulphate to the grass.

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"This will harden the turf and make it more resistant to disease, as well as give it a quick ‘green up’ effect," he added.

And then you need to get going with the fertiliser.

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"When it’s warm enough you want to have a spring fertiliser ready, which is typically high in nitrogen," he said.

"Or, if you’re seeding, make sure you’ve got seeding fertiliser as spring fertiliser won’t be suitable."

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