I'm a gardening expert and people always make the same mistake that prevents plants from growing – try these free hacks | The Sun

I'm a gardening expert and people always make the same mistake that prevents plants from growing – try these free hacks | The Sun

May 27, 2023

AS the weather begins to heat up across the UK, if you are planning on spending more time in your garden, getting your plants ready for summer, then you’ll need to listen up.

From watering to feeding plants, a gardening expert has shared the common mistakes that people often make, that are preventing your garden from thriving.

Nick Wood, a gardening expert from Gardening Express, has shared his top tips on how to help plants survive the sun. 

He said: “Obviously sun is good for our plants, but some thrive off of it more than others so it’s important to know what needs to be taken care of in your garden as the weather begins to pick up.

“For some plants, too much sun can cause damage, and can even cause them to wilt in severe cases and of course, it can be really frustrating for gardeners if this happens. 

“There are a few small things you can do like moving the plants into shade and watering them at the right time to help protect them from the sun.”

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Firstly, Nick stressed the importance of picking the right location for your plants.

He advised that some areas of the garden may get more sun than others so it’s important for gardeners to take some time to familiarise themselves with plants that thrive off of the sun and plants that don’t.

Secondly, he advised that it’s best to water plants before or after the sun has hit its peak.

He noted that watering plants at the hottest point of the day won’t really benefit them as the sun will dry up the water and so it needs to be done when it’s slightly cooler to give the plants the chance to really “soak everything up.”

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As well as this, he claimed that a “common mistake” that people make is thinking that plants need fertiliser in warmer conditions to make them stronger. 

He argued: “You should actually avoid using fertiliser because when it is applied, it triggers the plant to grow, meaning more nutrients and water is needed. 

“This will be hard to keep up with in hot conditions, the soil will be drying out quicker and your plant won’t really be able to absorb water properly in the heat.”


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Not only this, but he also highlighted the importance of keeping plants in the shade when temperatures soar.

Just like humans, plants need shade when it gets too hot, so if your plants are potted, make sure to move them to cooler areas when the sun is at its peak.

In addition to this, Nick suggested using mulch to lock in soil moisture.

He explained that soil dries out quicker in higher temperatures, so it’s a good idea to add mulch to the top of the soil to act as a bit of a barrier between the sun and the soil to prevent it from drying out.

Finally, Nick explained that picking the right pot is also key to healthy plant growth.

According to this whizz, black pots will attract heat, which can “damage your plants”. 

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Similarly, terracotta pots left unsealed can lose moisture quickly which means that “your plant is at risk of being dehydrated”.

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